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My long term readers remember nearly 2 years ago when Presas-Garcia and Longoria voted to not pay for services BISD had approved and which had already been performed by the vendor. Not even after it was pointed out to these two Teabagger economists that BISD would be sued for none payment of services ordered and performed, would they change their vote. This is exactly what is happening with the national debt debate.

You will not hear me defend the spending.  As a veteran I have called for a 20% cut in the VA budget by severing ties with the medical schools.  It would save the federal taxpayers billions, while actually improving the quality of care received by veterans.  But, not even Teabagger Republican are going to vote to cut federal tax dollars to state medical schools.

President Obama spends money budgeted by Congress and approved  by Congress.  Without the Republican House - no spending can occur.  All spending is approved by the Republican House of Representatives.  President Obama's say on the amount of spending is 100% dependent on approval by the Congress - and in this case by the Republican House of Representatives.

Every bill the Obama Administration has incurred is the direct result of spending authorization by Congress - which includes the Republican controlled House of Representatives.  All of this Fox News propaganda and Teabagger propaganda blaming Obama is lies.  Obama can only spend that which is authorized by Congress.

Congress (including the House controlled by the Republicans) approved every single penny being spent by President Obama.  Congress has asked that Navy destroyers and various type war planes be bought by the Department of Defense.  The Republican controlled House has requested these military weapons which in many cases the generals have stated they do not want or need.  Why?  It means jobs in their districts.

So why do they lie? - because they can.

The entire issue of default is not about spending - but about whether the US will pay for services already performed and previously authorized by Congress (including the House which is controlled by the Republicans).

The idea that the US can order services and then not pay for them is reckless.  But then when you have Cata Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria advising Mitch McConnell and John Boenher, this is what you get.

I do not want to hear  I am defending the spending.  I am not - I am only talking about personal responsibility - something the Republicans oppose.  When you authorize the president to order services and merchandise and he does, you better be prepared to pay for those services and mechandise. 

The new motto of the Republican Party -


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