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From Judge Cascos:

"B...good evening...just for the record....no construction, demolition contracts are being steered to anyone. I have been advised by our staff that we have the equipment & manpower to do what needs to be done to the buildings, including remodeling or demolition. Yes we are attempting to acquire the 3 buildings on Madison across from the Dancy Building. I cant go into the details at this time, but they wont be free....Thanks"

I believe what Judge Cascos is saying - the problem is sources very close to Enrique and Jaime Escobedo seem to think otherwise  - The BV always welcomes clarifications from elected officials.  But I stand by my source - but again maybe Enrique and Jaime failed to include Judge Cascos in their discussions and plans.


We begin with the web page Pink Ape provided to BISD - it remains under construction. 

http://pinkapemedia.com/  Now I ask you, you are someone wanting to advertise, are you going to do business with someone in the media business who does not even have an active web page?  Should this not have been a consideration in who BISD chose to provide the advertising contract for advertising on their buses and facilities throughout BISD.

Now, compare this to Hatchar Media, who lost the bid.  At least they have a web page.  They also have specific experience with buses.

Here is the introductory letter by Pink Ape Media - does this letter say professionalism? - this company wants to handle advertising for BISD, but yet they have no one in the officer who can proof read a simple letter for coherency and proper grammar.  How can an advertising company not have a copy editor?

The Letter

This is what Cata Presas-Garcia said about why they chose Pink Ape (aka Rodrigo Moreno) company.

"Catalina Presas-Garcia, the chairwoman of BISD’s budget committee, said the committee liked Pink Ape’s presentation, plus the fact that it is locally owned and offered a better split of the revenues generated."

Source:  The Herald

I guess given how poorly educated Presas-Garcia really is, the Pink Ape letter appears professional.  Her message to BISD students is - you can grow up to be illiterate and still get big contracts so long as you play along - so why bother doing well in school.  What a message from a school board trustee.

I cannot produce the Hatchar letter.  I was told that eventually I will receive a letter from BISD telling me it is not subject to the Open Records Act.   As the BV has discussed before, the protections provided by the Open Records Act ends when the bidding ends.  The bidding is over.  Everything Hatchar submitted was submitted with an understanding it would be a public record if they won the contract.  So why is BISD withholding the information?  They do not want the public doing a true comparison of the two companies - we might learn something about contract rigging. 

BISD tried this same game with the Royston Rayzor documents, but upon my response to the AG eventually gave me everything I wanted.

Further, I  cannot compare PinkApeMedia's offer to the Hatchar's offer because BISD has gone to the AG to keep from releasing the information. 

I also know the county has done business with Moreno Meneses, DBA Pink Ape Media - with no mention of a Juan Antonio Villalobos. Moreno Meneses does have a local office.  When the contract was awarded  Texas showed no corporate filings for Moreno Meneses or DBA's. 

The business address for Pink Ape is at the home below.


When you research the owner of the home with the Cameron County Appraisal district, it does not exist.  Someone had the address removed from the records.  All of the other homes are there.  Also the address provided by Pink Ape says it is a street - according to Cameron County records it is a drive.

When you do a whois search for their web page- you see a reference to a Moreno -


beyond that nothing. Rodrigo Moreno was a major player in bringing about the current corrupt BISD Board. The question becomes is this contract, and the withholding of the Hatchar documents a payoff to Rodrigo Moreno for helping elect the current corrupt BISD Board of Trustees?  Everyone needs to remember the picture of Rodrigo Moreno, Carlos Quintanilla, Enrique Escobedo, and Pat Lehmann meeting about the BISD election.  Further, Pink Ape and Rodrigo Moreno have the same phone number.  The use of Juan Antonio Villalobos' name was nothing less than a pathetic attempt to cover-up this contract was a payoff for Moreno's work on the Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra's campaigns.

Their facebook page includes links to Carlos Cascos


I am developing the story about Carlos Cascos links to Enrique Escobedo and this con job deal to get BISD buildings so that Carlos Cascos can steer the remodelling contract to Jaime Escobedo.

I am also preparing a complete story on who Juan Antonio Villalobos really is - my source is telling me he works with Cris Valadez on his internet program.  My source tells me he is a Mexican National who lives in Matamoros.  I am waiting on confirmation of some alleged documents - there is more.


Patricia A. said...

Is there anything the AG can do about the casual and excessive requests for opinions from public entities?

I mean, can't they at some point tell a governmental body that the ruling should be obvious based on the laws that they should already be familiar with, and classify such requests as frivolous, with possible legal or financial consequences ?

Patricia A.

BobbyWC said...

At most the AG will issue harsh opinions but that is about it - most people do not know how to go about challenging BISD or any other entitty which does not comply with the requests - In this case BISD tried charging me for dublicates of what they were giving me - I refused - people just are not prepared to fight them so they play games

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

so call hatchar media and ask them for a copy. it's for a good cause.

BobbyWC said...

no, the AG will order the documents released thereby creating further evidence of the contract rigging at BISD - the AG is fully aware of the Healthsmart issue - Healthsmart is suing them to keep the documents confidential in the Lubbock case - I need to convince the AG lawyers there is a clear pattern of abuse - this could lead to a full investigation by their criminal section

Bobby WC

R U SERIOUS? said...

The letter

"With all of these been said", Really?

This type of language can pass in the social media circles and even in the blogosphere, but not in the professional world. Just based on the format alone, as a prospective client, I would have thrown that thing in the trash. As for the content, it is amateur, no it is below amateur. Before you embarass yourself anymore Mr. Pink Ape, get yourself an English proficient proofreader.

Anonymous said...

i saw that the County paid Pink Ape in August for the production of a "Border Protection Documentary". I also saw a connecton with all this and another company called pc medic located on Frankfurt St. over in El Valle Grande. pc medic gave $1,000 to the Villalobos campaign. Does any of this have anything to do with what you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

sorry, pc medic didn't donate to villalobos, it was moreno meneses consulting (pink ape media) who donated.

BobbyWC said...

I can find no relations connection between Armando Villalobos and Juan Antonio Villalobos - so there is no connection

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby can you find out why Rodrigo Moreno and a Mr.Pacheco have been visiting several campuses?Specifically the technology Depts. They say they are from Queretaro Mexico and want to know more about integrating technology into their lesson plans.