Saturday, January 12, 2013


The Herald has an article in response my post on domestic abuse.  It is 100% bullshit and reflects just how little Saenz cares about abused woman. He says his staff is to contact these women within 2 days instead of 2 months.  Lies - At the highest levels of his staff they know his staff failed to contact this victim after being given her name, phone number, accused's name and police report. 

Saenz rather than simply correct the abuses in his office instead had his office run to Emma Trevino-Perez to print a propaganda piece which puts women at risk with Saenz's lies - shame on Emma for being party to the abuse of women through Saenz's incompetence.

In my original post I said it was too soon to hold him accountable for what is happening in his office.  The decision to go to the Herald to counter my story and to mislead victims tells everyone all they need to know about Luis Saenz - he will run cover for his staff while throwing abused women under the bus.  A man of honor would have called the victim and taken control of the situation. - No not misogynist Saenz - he ran to Emma Trevino-Perez to put out his lies

Hey Sanez - if you have a problem with me then  deal with me - it takes someone less than a eunoch to continue to ignore this victim because she chose to come to me for help.

How is it easier for Luis Saenz to find time to put put out a propaganda piece than to simply pick up the phone and help this lady.  He has time to formulate a propaganda piece, but no time to call the landlord and tell him it is illegal to evict women who call the police on domestic abuse.

It is my understanding the matter was presented to the grand jury without first consulting the victim.  The police report reads like a piece of fiction.  The accused has been on the run from the police for nearly three years.  The accused has been in San Antonio.  On or about December 19, 2012, he came back to Brownsville demanding to see his daughter who he had not seen in nearly three years.

He is under a court order to not try and see his daughter without first making arraignments with the grandmother.  He chose to go to the home anyway.  If you believe the police report there is no reference to why he was there and instead they stated that according to the victim he was there to get his possessions.  The problem is - she never told them such a thing - the kid fled Brownsville some three years ago and went to San Antonio where is allegedly married a woman and had a son with her.  The victim and this man never lived together in this home - he had no possessions in the home. These type fabricated police reports cause cases to be dismissed.  The DA needs to know this guy violated the family court order by being in the home.

The police report does state that the police threw this kid around the grandmother's apartment thereby breaking her furniture.  Texas has no remedy for when the police trash the victim's apartment.   What a system.

If it good to know Scumbag Saenz cares enough about the BV to put out a propaganda piece to counter the truth.  How sad Saenz chose this path instead of correcting the abuses of his staff and actually helping the victim

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