Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My long time readers know I favor the government owning businesses as a way to raise revenue.  But like anything else in the market, when a business fails it must be allowed to die.  The port should be a major profit making venture throwing profit revenue into the local economy.  I am curious, does anyone know if the law even provides for distribution of the profits?  If it does not, then why have a profit?

Not only would a profitable port mean no more property taxes to support the port, it could mean profits being distributed for economic development in Brownsville.  It is incredulous to me that the people within the taxing authority of the port must continue to pay taxes to support a public corporation which cannot seem to make a profit.

Texas for all its claims of being limited government, unlike more liberal states does not provide for public referendums.  There is no way Oliviera or the Lucios would ever put before the legislature the sale of the port as a way to pay off the bonds and allow professionals to turn it into a profit making venture.  The port is a drain on the community.  Not only does it take away tax dollars which could be better used elsewhere, it limits the profit revenues available for distribution to the community.

The only way I would support keeping the port in public hands is if the state were to take over its oversight by hiring professionals to run the port.  We need a professional board of directors and CEO, COO, and CFO.  So long as locals run the port it will be run for the benefit of the few without regard for its potential.

It is time we accept the fact Texas Southmost College died a slow painful death under Juliet Garcia.  There is nothing there to revive.  The current board of trustees have no game plan for TSC.  Texas State Technical College is the better option for Brownsville.  We can sell off large parts of TSC to UT and use the money to pay off the bonds.  This would end the taxing authority of TSC.  Again, this would release tax money for other uses.

Texas Southmost College needs to exist for the sole purpose of providing free classrooms and other facilities to TSTC in exchange for being part of TSTC.  TSTC would be responsible for all costs associated with managing and maintaining the buildings.  This will be a logical partnership which will create a real community college, while keeping both TSC and TSTC connected to UT.   It will bring a trained staff of instructors to TSC who actually know how a community college works.  It would bring lower costs to our students.

Now of course because our politicians have no use for the people, none of this will happen.  The people will continue to pay taxes to failed entities, while the local politicians insure money from these failed entities are funnelled to their compadres.

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