Tuesday, January 29, 2013


"The city-owned utility company on Friday signed a development-and-purchase agreement with Tenaska Inc., an independent energy company based in Omaha, Neb., to buy an ownership interest in an 800-megawatt, natural gas-fired power plant that Tenaska plans to develop on 270 acres at FM 511 and Old Alice Road"

Source:  Brownsville Herald

I grow bored with people who have to attack all progress - as to the BPUB story this is what I know - natural gas is abundant in Texas.  There is so much natural gas they cannot even process it fast enough.  This facility which will feed about 50% of Brownsville 's electric needs.  There is zero possibility of the cost of the natural gas going up because of a disaster in the Middle East.  This in fact stabilizes prices for Brownsville.  You cannot grow without investment

The idea of opposing this is the equivalent of opposing all progress.  It means jobs and a more stable source of electricity for Brownsville.  But Montoya would prefer we remain dependent on coal or oil plants.  This plant will run 100% on good old Texas natural gas.

Now if Montoya has a complaint it should be the lack of access to natural gas in Brownsville.  When I was thinking about building in Brownsville my biggest frustration was a lack of areas with natural gas lines.  Brownsville should mandate all new developments have natural gas lines - the lack of this policy is a real basis for complaining about the COB's lack of vision.


Again we were reminded about the consequences of a lack of a good water policy.  The water policy of the Rio Grande communities is out dated.

"“It’s not only the drought; it’s also human communities on the border,” he said. “Many years ago, the treaties were established to share the waters of the Rio Grande, thinking agricultural. Then lots of population growing and demanding of water (occurred) and that creates an imbalance.”

Source:  Brownsville Herald

I agree Pat Ahumada was the worse person to push the issue of the wier dam. But competent city commissioners should have seen beyond the nonsense which was Pat Ahumada and seen the need for the weir dam. When we lost the weir dam we lost the best option for a long term water policy, and a major economic boom for downtown. This nonsense of opposing progress based on nothing more than the people tied to the idea is short sided and reflects just how ignorant some in our community can be.

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