Monday, January 21, 2013


Pictured left to right, Ted Parker of Healthmart - Escobedo and Power

A source is telling me the move to fire Thompson Horton is  over their refusal to back the refiling of the Healthsmart lawsuit.  Given the fact they already went on record stating the lawsuit was iffy, they cannot very well now state they were wrong.  In exchange for voting to reinstate the Healthsmart lawsuit, Escobedo gets backing for what he wants.  In part he wants a law firm more willing to back his deals.

I would say the credibility of my source is maybe 60/40.  I did get an earful from several people for reporting on the possible firing of Thompson Horton.  While one source outlined the Healhsmart deal, the others just said - "wait and see what happens - you will like it."

Here is the deal - while many people will be happy to see Charlie Cabler fired from the COB - but if the reason for Cabler being fired is so that Tony Martinez can hire a yes man, will we really be better off?

I am all excited over the prospect of the Healthsmart lawsuit being refiled.  But if the motivation for removing Thompson Horton from BISD is to allow a new group to move forward on their corruption, have we really accomplished anything?  If Healthsmart gets refiled it will be a good thing - but we must be diligent in stopping the back door deals that this new majority will seek to execute with the assistance of the new counsel. 

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