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The eye picture is of my congenital cataracts. While today it is not unusual to see this pattern, in 1983 doctors at Ft. Ord had never seen this pattern before. The doctor was working on a journal article at the time and asked permission to include my eye - I said yes - the doctor gave me a copy. I was cleaning my desk and found it under some papers, so I thought it would go well with the Presas-Garcia and Longoria story I have been working on.


Sorry I do not have more news, but my dog Keaton has been sick all weekend.  I am on my 3rd day with less than 4 hours sleep.  We just got back from the vet.  I have been using the vet on Boca Chica for 8 years and would never consider anyone else.

Keaton was seen in October for the same problem.  The vet thought it was hepatic encephalopathy, but wasn't sure.  It was a visiting vet who in my opinion was not very good - but on the antibiotics Keaton got over the problem.


"Last year researchers found a link between mild memory loss and gum disease* and the seven-figure grant will enable examination of medical records of thousands of Americans to further pursue the link."

Source:  Medical News Today

My regular vet seems to think there is a high probability that Keaton's bad teeth are the cause of the problem.  This is consistent with what we are learning about humans and Alzheimer.   I just started the antibiotics and steroids.  I should see an improvement in cognitive skills by tomorrow night.  If she recovers - next week she will get a  full dental cleaning.  I better win the big prize at bingo tonight because today and next week puts me out $500.00.  It is like I told the vet - when you die you might as well die in debt.  I will always put my girls first when it comes to their well being.  So I will take one less quick weekend away - I was looking forward to Seattle in the Spring, but Keaton comes first.

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Anonymous said...

Great Post! This theory makes alot of sense. This kind of thing is very common especially in elderly patients with an altered mental status. Sometimes finding where the infection is in the body is challenging even with all the lab tests. And, the gums are often overlooked.