Friday, January 4, 2013



In November the Democrats in the House received more than a million more votes than the Republicans, but because of gerrymandering the voice of the people remains silent.  Both sides participate in gerrymandering.  It does not make it right.  California has instituted a Commission to handle redistricting.  Is it perfect?  No - but it is better than a system which draws convoluted districts designed to guarantee a specific winner.

Gerrymandering is the least of the problem.  If the Republicans would just allow for the constitution to govern votes in both the House and the Senate, the people's business would move forward.  But because of the contempt the Republicans have for the Constitution and the people, they have created rules which ignores the rule of the majority.  For legislation to pass in the House or the Senate all it takes is a majority.  The Founding Fathers decided that a simple majority is all that is needed to pass legislation.  The Republicans unhappy with the Founding Fathers have abolished the constitutional provision concerning a simple majority in favor of a rule which says - nothing passes without Republican support.

In the House legislation which could be passed on a bipartisan basis is shredded.  The Republicans have changed the constitution from a simple majority of the House, to a majority of Republicans.  There is zero constitutional basis for this rule.

In the Senate, any Senator can yell filibuster and the rule of the simple majority becomes a rule of 60, instead of 51.  Such as in the House this is a substantive change to the Constitution and therefore unconstitutional.

It is true each Chamber of Congress can institute their own rules, but not to the extent it substantively changes the Constitution.

President Obama is a part of the problem.  He simple does not seem to have the fight in him to defend the people on this issue.  I do not  doubt if Hillary Clinton were President she would go to court and get these rules held unconstitutional.   There is no doubt in my mind a majority of the Supreme Court would agree with the President.  Chief Justice Roberts has made it known in clear terms, the current configuration of the filibuster subverts the constitution and is hurting the judicial branch of government.

Until we have a president who will stand up for the Constitution, nothing will change and the Republican's coup will continue.


I put this issue as a Petition on the White House page.  It requires at least 150 signatures before it will appear on the White House page.

I know the American people - they will not sign - but will complain ad nauseam about the problem.

If you want to sign - go here - email it to your friends - if we hit 150 it will be put on the White House page and possible get press coverage.  Without press coverage this is going nowhere - such as our government.

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