Tuesday, January 8, 2013



Apparently Montoya's reliable sources got it wrong again (more like a really bad false story on Montoya's part) about 4 more indictments last week.  Yes, there will eventually be more indictments, but you do not get to claim credit for knowing it if you claim it week after week and it eventually happens - "oh, look at me I  can predict rain." Montoya's reliable sources failed to tell him about the newest indictment against Villalobos - hardley reliable it seems to me.

The latest Villalobos indictment is very odd to me.  Consider this - he is accused of not paying some $45,981in taxes - fine - compare this to Carlos Quintanilla a  convicted felon - $244,659.99 in unpaid taxes and all the IRS did was file a tax lien - or compare this to Ernie Hernandez  - $821,206 in unpaid taxes and all the IRS did was file a tax lien.  Something smells real wrong here.


What, someone is already attacking Chris? No, but they will. Virtually all of the attacks on Roger Ortiz were bogus. He had no control over the poll watchers or election judges, but this did not stop the liars and whiners from attacking him on these issues anyway.

Here is the deal - some of the city commission candidates will fail to recruit competent poll watchers. Or they will tell their poll watchers to file any complaints of irregularities with the campaign while failing to notice Chris Davis' office of same. This is exactly what Begum did. It is up to the candidates to recruit poll watchers who are not moronic whiners incapable of following directions. It is up to the candidates to insure their poll watchers are 100% familiar with what ever process Chris Davis sets up for reporting irregularities. If the candidates fail to recruit poll watchers capable of complying with the process the failure is with the candidates and not Chris Davis.

I am doing this post in hopes of encouraging the candidates to get their act together early on their poll watchers. I hope the candidates will take the time to meet with Chris Davis to insure the candidate and their poll watchers understand the process for reporting voter irregularities. Unfortunately some of the candidates will just blame Chris Davis for all of their mistakes.

Do I expect the May election to be perfect - no - this will be Chris Davis' first election. There is a learning curve. The one thing I am hoping from Chris Davis is, he will be ready by 7 p.m. election night to publish the results of the mail ballots and early voting. If he can just do this, it will be the first sign of improvement.

Good Luck Chris -

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