Thursday, January 10, 2013

In politics the purpose behind controlling the narrative is to control the result.  The stories coming out of city hall of Tony Martinez running roughshod over the rules and law are endless.  By continuing a narrative of this truth, over  time it makes Tony Martinez toxic - and thereby any candidate tied to Tony Martinez.
By nature people absorb facts and such a narrative over time.  You cannot feed this type information to people in a hand few of ads before the election and expect them to understand the issue or even believe the allegations.  This has to be done over a period of time.
Tony Martinez's machine is 100% defeatable if a group of citizens were to raise the money to start taking out full page ads in the Herald every Sunday between now and election day stating the facts.  A key fact which will resonate with the people is the claim his law office represented Abraham Galonsky, owner of the Casa de Nylon building, while failing to discuss his conflict of interest on the matter while pushing the city commission to pay in excess of $2 million dollars for his building.
Brownsville and Cameron county will be looking for blood as the facts of the Villalobos case comes out.  The mood in Brownsville and Cameron county will be to trust no one tied to corruption.  With the narrative of who Tony Martinez really is playing in weekly newspaper ads, Tony Martinez will become so toxic that not even nuclear waste will want to associate with him.
But here is the truth, everyone will complain while refusing to lift a finger - I love these exercises in futility.

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