Saturday, January 12, 2013


I chose this picture because the people reflect the age group of those who use the clothing optional unofficial beach on SPI.  You just do not see young people at the beach.  The young people today while maybe freer about sex and sexuality are actually more prude about nudity.  I will not forget my shock the first time I saw young men at the gym taking showers in their underwear.  I wonder if these same young men put a sheet with a hole in it over their girlfriend before coitus?  They would have done well in the military - our drill would have the 60 of us line up before entering a horseshoe open shower - by the time you walked the horseshoe you better be done because you were out of the shower.  We were 60 exhausted men groin to butt - I can assure you no one was looking - we were all too exhausted and just wanted to get to bed.

Only ignorance would explain why anyone would try and compare an unofficial clothing optional beach on SPI to a sanctioned clothing optional beach on Boca Chica.  From the Brownsville hotels the drive to the mouth of the river on Boca Chica is maybe 45 minutes.  From the hotels in Brownsville to the unofficial clothing optional beach on SPI is nearly 2 hours.  Once you get to beach access 6, it is a very slow and difficult drive the 10 miles on the beach to the unofficial clothing optional beach.  You cannot go during high tide unless you have a really powerful 4 wheel drive - the sand is simply too deep.  In my 4 wheel drive I got stuck in the deep sand once.  During high tide you cannot drive along the harder sand.

People who actually are familiar with the mouth of the river know that there is a curve just before the mouth of the river.  People also know that it is highly unlikely you will get stuck in the sand.  The Mexican nationals who fish on the Mexican side are few and normally pretty well off - if their trucks are an indicator.  Given Mexican TV I hardly expect the handful of men fishing on the Mexican side to complain over a handful of naturalist having a good time.  Also, a lot of naturalist use special 3 foot blinders they sell - they are used to create a very small enclosure.

Hippy Hollow in Austin brings is a small fortune to the community as a clothing optional beach.  Communities all over the US would not tolerate clothing optional beaches if they did not bring in money.  Brownsville's hotels lose out to SPI, except during the handful of weeks or weekends when SPI is packed - Spring Breach - Semana Santa.

It is sad the decision on this issue is being made by prudes and perverts.  It is commissioners court's job to find ways to raise revenue.  A clothing optional beach will bring in a lot more tourists from all of the US, and especially Texas.  During Spring Break the Hippy Hollow fans will fill Boca Chica with camp sites, and our hotels with those unwilling to camp.  Money is money - and it is sad our county commissioners who cannot understand the actual innocence of being a naturalist instead view it as something it is not - sexual or unnatural


Anonymous said...

Two things. In fact, not far north of the mouth of the river, there is a large dune that extends east toward the surf line and, not infrequently, the surf reaches up to the dune, cutting of access. Also, sometimes, during high tide, the area between the surf and the dunes can be pretty uneven, making driving a hazard. The dynamics of the beach are a little different around the mouth of the river because of the underlying clay banks in the area and the effect of the river on the prevailing currents.
And secondly, money is not money. While all money has the same value, regardless of the source, there is good money and bad/dirty money. Ask any political candidate who accepted a contribution from the wrong source if money is money (this is not meant to imply that nudist money is tainted). Just saying.

BobbyWC said...

I was not clear in my post - you are correct about the dune - it was what I was referring to in terms of the curve - technically I guess the county could make that the southern most part of the naturalist area thereby limiting any viewing access by those on the Mexican side - the dune you speak of is a very logical natural line.

I have been out there many a times - and yes during high tide you want to make sure you can get through - but even if the county were to extend the area to the mouth you can see this dune area from the mouth and would know it is time to get on the north side of the dune - but logically - the dune would be a good southern marker for the naturalist area - we would not want to offend the Mexican men fishing at the mouth

Also about swimming at the mouth - people in the know do not swim at the mouth on the US side - the river cuts north as it hits the gulf - it creates a trench with a strong undertow - people familiar with the area do not swim - but only fish - people like to throw their line into the trench area.

Bobby WC