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This has nothing to do with this post directly, but speaks to the desperation of con artists and their paid propagandists.  Montoya wants you to believe Carlos Quintanilla has been nominated for Texan of theYear - like everything else Montoya prints it is a lie.  A Quintanilla lemming wrote a letter to the editor - you can read it here and see how Dallas responded


Melissa Zamora who voted against the Galonsky deal is now confirming the Galonsky, Horacia Barrera connection was not provided to the commissioners before they voted.  For me, not Zamora, this is evidence of Mark Sossi not doing his due diligence, and running cover for Tony Martinez.


I asked each commissioner to respond to my story on Abraham Galonsky.  This is Rick Longoria's response.  I actually have a second response which is favorable to the story, but am waiting for permission to post the response.

"For the record: I did not know that Abraham Galonsky was represented by Horacio Barrera. The only reason I voted for the acquisition of the property was because of the location and its proximety to the Multimodal BUS Facility and the fact that in the future Galonsky would probably ask for more than what he is right now. I do not have dealings with the Mayor; I think that is pretty obvious. I learned about this last week from Mark Sossi and I instructed him to look in to it and report back to the city manager. As an elected official it is not my business to micro-manage the city and I do not involve myself in the daily operations of the city; I have a City Manager that does that and reports items that might need my attention on a daily as needed basis via email or phone and on a weekly report. There are many things going on in this city that had not happened in a very long time. Many dealings are going on behind closed doors, contracts are being signed by an elected official without the consent of the City Commission or City Manager, and micromanagement with a bullying effect is occuring that has our directors and staff showing up to work wondering when their last day might be. We meet and it is an "Oh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you guys about this, my mistake, you know I just didn't think that I had to tell you," and the best one, "I've been working on this on my own time and money so that this can happen, so I ask you to support it." Yet at no time were any of us involved or at the meetings.
There are many things going on during this administration and I am saddened to see that at a time when the people of Brownsville should be going up in an uproar about the way this City Commission is running the city they are not. Yet, at times when commissions of the past were doing well for its citizens you had to sit there and take the insults and false accusations. Thank you for your time."

Ricardo Longoria, Jr.
City Commissioner, Dist. 1


I have always taken the position of redemption.  Sometimes it takes longer than it should for people to see the truth behind the corruption.  I will not be taking comments attacking Commissioner Longoria unless they are specific, verified, and the poster gives their name.  I am certain Tony Martinez and his hack supporters are going to want to go real negative right away.  Have at it - but not on the BV

Commissioner Longoria's comments as an elected official may be the most significant comments of any elected official I have seen in my 8 years in Brownsville.  It will be sad, and an indictment on the other city commissioners, if they make him stand alone.  This courage needs to be rewarded with praise and support.  For now I will assume this is how Commissioner Longoria will represent his district and Brownsville.  But any verified story to the contrary will be published - but in law we have a concept - being released for all known and unknown causes of action - the past is the past - judgment will now be based on what happens from today forward.


These type stories are hard to get out because the liars publish such bizarre claims no one will believe the story except the extremely ignorant.  There was no signed contract - it was all one big lie - although it is now clear Tony Martinez has been pushing the Vela lease.  But what really makes the story bizarre is the claim Tony is doing all of these corrupt things so he can be an ambassador.  Yes idiots it is true, President Obama and Hillary Clinton as SOS will agree to give Tony  Martinez an ambassadorship based on a corrupt lease for one little new member of the House of Representatives.  People read this garbage and then reject the entire story.  The people who post this garbage actually empower the corrupt because people come to believe all of the allegations of corruption are false.


You see there has been a story all along - but never  reported.  As I noted I know how leases are negotiated.  Improvements are part of the lease terms.  Tony Martinez, Charlie Cabler and probably Mark Sossi were in on the agreed improvements before congressional lawyers approved the lease.  The conspiracy with these turkeys and Vela is real.  They tried to bypass congressional rules.  I can assure everyone of these idiots the documents and proof are going to the congressional lawyers who oversee leases so they can decide if there has been any criminal conduct.

If the city commissioners fail to table any and all discussion on this lease until congressional lawyers can answer questions concerning the agreed improvement's as part of the lease before the lease was approved by the city commission or congressional lawyers, then they act at their own peril.  Rose Gowen does not  care because she is not  running for reelection (according to multiple sources)  John Villarreal will find himself with zero support for reelection if this blows up with a  congressional inquiry.  Melissa Zamora is not running for reelection and if past votes are any indication I suspect she will not stand with Tony Martinez.  Jessica Tetreau and Vasquez are anyone's guess.

I have no idea how Rick Longoria will vote.  The commissioners need to understand the issue of the benefits from a Vela office in the municipal building are separate from the corruption which has brought about the option of such an office.  If the commissioners choose to ignore corruption for the benefits, then they are no different than every other corrupt politician. 

If the commissioners succeed in tabling the Vela lease, it will be the equivalent of the political castration of Tony Martinez.  Given the deception concerning the Galonsky land purchase it is inconceivable to me any commissioner at this time would trust Tony Martinez

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