Saturday, December 29, 2012


Do not get me wrong, even on Long Island some grocery shopping can be a challenge.  This morning I sent my sister-in-law 15 each chili ancho, cascabel and arbol - not easy to come by on Long Island.

For me grocery shopping in Brownsville requires I shop multiple stores.  Walmart is the only store with the G2 12 packs.  I also buy my Claussen sauerkraut at Walmart.  Beyond these two items I rarely shop Walmart for groceries. 

I prefer HEB, but the HEB on Boca Chica and 77 is short on a lot of items.  For example, while I did buy a shoulder roast yesterday (rare occasion for me - I buy most of my meat at HEB 802), they did not have regular size lima beans.  Walmart also only has the baby size frozen lima beans.  Only HEB 802 has the regular size lima beans. 

Bread - Walmart is the only one with Dark Rye - HEB Boca Chica does not have a great choice of breads.  HEB 802 has Pumpernickel, but not Dark Rye -

Lopez on Boca Chica near Billy Mitchel - my emergency only shopping store - does not carry butter - just margarine. 

Every month I get on the internet to buy groceries I cannot buy anywhere in Brownsville.  Most of my Chinese ingredients come from Dallas or San Antonio - brought by friends.  Something as simple as a London Broil cannot be bought in Brownsville.  When friends come from Dallas they will normally bring me a few which I freeze.

The list is long -

It seems to me the reason why Brownsville has no good restaurants is the masses have very limited palates.  This is sad.  While in NY a couple of weeks ago my brother ordered take out Chinese - It was so freaking good.  One bite of a fresh egg roll and I demanded I be given all 6 - of course my demand was not met.  One day I ate eggplant Parmesan to the point my belly hurt.  It was like eating heaven.  The knish was a dream I had not had in 3 years, since my last visit.

Now not all NY food is good - I will take a Stripes breakfast taco over a traditional Long Island breakfast sandwich on a Kaiser role. They are real bad.  If you ask for ham they use Virginia ham which is like biting into a bar of salt.  But then a fresh bagel with cream cheese makes up for the breakfast sandwich.  Every day I ate a fresh roast beef sandwich for lunch on a fresh Kaiser role.  By fresh I mean, the roast beef is made in the deli the night before - and it bleeds the way roast beef should bleed.

You would think with the influx of so many retirees and engineers Brownsville would develop a more diverse palate - it has not.

Okay one thing Texas has NY does not have is the all beef Opa smoked sausage from San Antonio.   It is hands down the best German sausage I have had in the states.  With mustard and Claussen sauerkraut you have a great meal.  If only I could buy a German potato salad to go with that.

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