Thursday, December 20, 2012


I began with a google search of the company and owner - almost nothing. I then went to the Secretary of State online search for corporations and Assumed Names - nothing. According to Presas-Garcia they are local, but according to the company they still need to open a local office.

BISD being what it is, unless Presas-Garcia wants the information put out, it will take me 10 days to get a copy of their bid. 

I do not want rumors - I want links - I cannot find anything - if you can please let me know.  I do know they have already worked on some campaigns locally.

I also know the county has done business with Moreno Meneses DBA Pink Ape Media - with no mention of a Juan Antonio Villalobos.  Moreno Meneses does have a local office.  I know they gave Armando Villalobos $250 for his congressional run.

A further SOS state search shows no filings for Moreno Meneses or DBA's. 

Apparently when it comes to the county and BISD, you can secure major contracts without any public records of who you are.

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