Thursday, December 27, 2012


Villalobos is not going down without a fight. His only real hope of a dismissal faded away after Romney lost the election. There could still be a surprise dismissal, but I find it highly unlikely.

Since late October, November and now as late as the 21st of December there has been a flurry of sealed documents filed in his case.  Unfortunately I have zero experience in trying federal criminal cases, so I am without insight as to what could be in so many sealed documents.  My experience is in cleaning up the mess caused by the trial lawyers - meaning I have done numerous federal criminal appeals.

At some point whatever is in these sealed documents will be made public.  I suspect but cannot prove that some are plea deals cut with lawyers and judges who were given a pass in exchange for cooperating with the US Attorney and agreeing to testify against Villalobos.  I base this in part on the fact the documents were filed after Villalobos lawyer filed a motion to secure the plea agreements made by other defendants and possible witnesses.

On Monday I spent part of the day at the state court house.  Beyond endless rumors which I know to be untrue,  I learned nothing.   Contrary to the endless rumors at the court house and elsewhere Governor Perry has made no appointments concerning the vacancy made by Judge Alejandro.  See Public Notice

It will shock me if the appointment goes to Chuck Mattlingly.  Chuck is scheduled to testify in favor of Villalobos.  Remember he is on record as stating the DA's office objected to the release of Amit Livingston.  Amit Livingston's lawyer will testify that Chuck Mattingly is a liar.  Now given these facts, it is incredulous to me that anyone would believe Chuck Mattinly is even a consideration for the job.  I suspect given the direction of the Texas Republican Party Governor Perry will seek to appoint a highly qualified Latina, assuming one applies. 

The weeks leading up to Villalobos' trial will see an endless array of rumors being floated.  For me the excitement will only come once all of these sealed documents are released. 

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