Saturday, December 15, 2012


Tony Martinez and his compadres have learned Plantation Democratic Party Politics well. Keep the masses in chump change, and masa y grasa, and they will turn a blind eye to when you corrupt the process for the select few - namely Tony Martinez's compadres. If I knew how to use photo shop, I would have a standard graphic of Tony Martinez throwing tamales at the masses.

Community Voice Brownsville

"The Community Voice campaign goal is to ensure that residents of Brownsville are able to continue to reside in, assist in defining, and actively participate in, critical decision-making processes in the community as it evolves. The project aims to unite Brownsville residents by tacking some of the most pressing issues affecting the community such as housing, workforce development, job creation, and anything that is essential of a vibrant and thriving community."

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We all remember the people lining up to speak their peace at the Imagine Brownsville meetings.  I remember one kid talking about the importance of sidewalks.  I wrote on that day how Carlos Cisneros was going to get his due on election day for pushing this.  United Brownsville has robbed the people blind, while delivering nothing.  They are not something any city commissioner wants to be aligned with come election day.

My issue here is not only the propaganda - it is Brownsville is not moving forward at a time money is cheap and smart city leaders are using that cheap money to build.  San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro while speaking at the London School of Economics spoke very clearly - cities must be willing to invest in themselves.

Tony Martinez and his compadres, and people such as Enrique Escobedo and, Rick Zayas are fleecing this city dry while the business community remains silent.  Time is short on Brownsville making the right decisions.  At this time there is no indication things will change before it is too late to take advantage of the cheap money.

 I continue to hope Brownsville will form an Airport Development Ticket for the next city commission election.  We shall see.

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