Saturday, December 29, 2012


The sad part about Tony Martinez remains the fact he is still the best of the candidates who ran for mayor.  This is truly an indictment on Brownsville.  Today's Herald has an article about the continuing drought.  See article  During the election I noted that Tony Martinez was short on ideas, and that in particular his proposal for a water policy was lacking.  His policy then and now remains - conservation.  No major industry will even consider Brownsville as a place to relocate so long as it has no meaningful water policy.

The weir dam was and remains the solution. But Brownsville is like the Republican Party - just say no regardless of the merits of the idea so long as the idea is coming from the wrong person.  Yes, Pat Almighty Ahumada single handily killed the weir dam.  But he only killed it because the naysayers and obstructionists preferred Brownsville die of a drought than admit Pat Ahumada was correct about the weir dam.

So here we are - entering an even longer drought with no official water policy.  Yes Tony - god is going to show the people how to conserve and save Brownsville. 

The blame is not only with Tony Martinez - any city commissioner can put on the agenda the issue of a water policy.  They will not - why?  Because Tony Martinez has no policy and our city commission is unprepared to speak to any issue which might point out the obvious - Tony Martinez is an idiot.

Come on Rick and Melissa - you are both on the out with this turkey - and good for you - so why not put on the agenda a workshop on water policy and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your comments. It seems that you are a very knowledgable person with great ideas that perhaps could help the community in a political office. Why don't you run for mayor? With your legal experience you could be a great county judge. You also seem to have a good fundamental background in teaching; perhaps, school board members would be very appropriate. I am sure that the community would vote for you.

Anonymous said...

Brownsville does have a water plan. It's called the SRWA groundwater treatment plant. Unlike the rest of the cities in the valley, Brownsville is no longer solely dependent on the Rio Grande for its water. The PUB is also exploring water reuse from its sewer plants as well.

BobbyWC said...

On the water plan - your comment is fair - but that is not what is meant by a water plan - citie the size of Brownsville build reservoirs - etc - nothing you mention impacts the drought - which is what a water plan does

Bobby WC