Wednesday, December 26, 2012


In 1968, Communist Vietnam called for a Christmas truce- within reason it heldOne can debate how well the truce held, or the motivation behind the truce, but the reality of the truce and the impact it had on people remains real.

This event had a major impact on my life in terms of understanding the true meaning of Christmas.  I may have only been 10 years old, but the impact of the truce was everywhere on the news so it could not be missed.

Here you had a country which officially did not believe in God on its own calling for a truce of the day of Peace.  This changed me forever.  It formed in my mind the importance of substance over form.  What is Christmas if not the day to celebrate the message of peace preached by Joshua, aka Jesus.

1968 continues today.  When I grew up a non-christian friend celebrating Christmas was unheard of.  Today I have friends all over the US who are of all faiths (many non-Christian) and most of them celebrate Christmas as a day of Peace.  I believe Joshua would be pleased that his message has now become more important than his mere birth. 

The great tragedy of Christianity is the need for so many churches, their members, and religious leaders to celebrate the form of the man Joshua while ignoring his message.  If Christmas has a true miracle surrounding it, it is the fact that so many non-Christian faiths and non-faiths now recognize Christmas as a day of Peace.


Anonymous said...

From Idolatry of the State to Anarchy is what you are suggesting BWC.

Socialists teach that, at the present stage of human evolution, it is already possible to abolish private property, social hierarchy and the family. They seek to make the State the sole proprietor of all rights. This State, led by workers and peasants, will maintain complete equality among men. In the future, the universe and man will evolve in such a way that even the State will wither away.

I know,,,, Socialism has just never been done right.


This is one of the reasons that the 2nd Amendment is still important Bobby.

BobbyWC said...

absolutely 100% gibberish by Fox News lemming - also just because another Fox News lemming has posted something on the internet does not make it true - until you read the original text and can quote from that text you know nothing about socialism. You seem to have zero concept of the dialectic - if you did you would know government ownership is natural - BPUB - the post office - government ownership ads to competitive capitalism.

Capitalism envisions the survival of the best - we have seen both private and government businesses fail - public schools are a big example of failure - they are now competing to get students back - this is competitive capitalism at its best. the dialect will see over the change for another good 100 years . the best will survive and the worse will fail

Nothing in my post could lead any rational person to your comment - how is humanity wanting to celebrate a day of peace - which is my point - evidence of socialism?

Further, if there is any doubt about my view on the right to bear arms - not the second amendment btw - but an inherent right when read in context with the second amendment - after Conn you did not see me call for more gun control as a solution.

You might want to read this from that new found socialist Antonin Scalia

Even Scalia is admitting the states and federal government can impose limits on the type weapons we can own.

You cannot understand the Second Amendment without also looking to the inherent right to bear armsand our Social Trust

I am not sure I agree with Scalia - I guess I may be an even bigger advocate for gun rights than Scalia - but I also believe a society can move substantively away from a previously held position.

I am looking forward to the next SCOTUS opinion on the issue - there is a balance inherent in Ordered Liberty which could allow for limiting some forms of automatic weapons - this is an area of great intellectual debate - I am still in the depths of the debate - it will take a revolutionary concept evolution to make the decision legitimate - I am certain Scalia is reading the same debates as I am

The heart of our Social Trust is Ordered Liberty- the question is - are inherent rights so absolute that they can pierce the Social Trust? - if not, the question then becomes where does the inherent right end? The answer is at the point it threatens the Social Trust.

My master's thesis on the courts proved that public opinion or major events do influence great swings in the court. There is also the famous switch in time saved nine.

In the end - nice try but no cigar on the socialist comment

Bobby WC