Wednesday, December 26, 2012


A little known secret coming into the last election was, the US is about to enter a Black Gold Boom.  Both parties knew that the economy is about to take an upturn based on new oil production. 

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The Republicans were pretty much silent on the issue because it did not comport with their narrative that President Obama was not approving enough oil leases fast enough.  President Obama was in fact approving new leases at record rates.  The problem is the oil industry wanted control of every thing before the reality of the boom became a reality.  The Republicans and oil industry wanted to rob the American people of their natural resource of oil.  Hopefully as the boom occurs President Obama will realize that the US no longer has to lease the oil wells to private industry.  It is time the US operate their own wells and use the profits to pay down the national debt.

Gulf oil is not as big of an issue in this boom as the land based oil.  But gulf oil is a big part of the boom.  Last time around AMFELS had to recruit workers in Mexico and outside the valley because Brownsville's work force was ill equipped to meet AMFELS needs.

AMFELS does have its own problems.  It has not modernized fast enough.  This in part could be because of a lack of a trained work force in Brownsville and Cameron county.  If a new company were to build a modern plant further up the coast AMFELS could find itself without business.

The good news is TSTC has received funding for training in modern manufacturing techniques.  This could be good for AMFELS.  The bad news is, with TSC independence around the corner, its Board of Trustees remains off in Never-never-land clueless as to a vision for the reborn TSC.

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