Monday, December 17, 2012


Unless you are prepared to call the State office of the Republican Party a politiquera, their is no evidence their mail ballot efforts were directed by politiqueras.

When the final numbers came out about the mail ballots from the November election we saw a huge jump in Republicans voting by mail.  The presumption was the cause was military mail-ballots.  I now know through interviews with Roger Ortiz and an open records request that only 190 military personnel voted by mail in Cameron county.

See Election Returns

What I have since learned is, the Republican Party in Austin send out mass mailings to seniors who qualify to vote by mail and asked that they vote by mail instead of in person.  The persons targeted were people who the Republicans had determined would probably vote Republican.  The end result was, statewide there was a significant increase in Republican mail-ballots. 

Because this was something done at the state level, and not locally, politiqueras were not involved.  I have no way of knowing, but I suspect a large number of the people who voted by mail would have voted early anyway.  I am not sure the Republicans received an increase in overall votes because of their efforts.  But from a political perspective point of view, the results certainly stood out.

On balance I think the Republicans took the state backwards.  Given the nature of the beast related to mail ballots, there was probably some fraud around the state.  We have no way of knowing if dead people voted, or if family and friends voted for people who were not really aware of the entire process. 

The decision of the Republicans to encourage mail ballots in my opinion was a bad decision.  At this time there is no evidence any fraud occurred.  But again, given the nature of the beast we all know some votes were fraudulent, albeit not at the hands of politiqueras.

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