Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This past weekend we learned BISD is expected to lose students.  Parents are all too familiar with the complete and total failure which is BISD.  Presas-Garcia seems to think taking limited resources to create a College Prep program will fix the problem.  Devoid of any knowledge of reality or critical thinking skills Presas-Garcia tries to diagnose a problem and misses the mark.

On Tuesday I did an ARD.  Because what happened at the ARD is typical of every campus at BISD, and the staff were basically nice while giving the child everything I demanded I am going to discuss the problem in broader terms

The father after a few minutes was ready to walk out.  The child is not getting the services she needs and is basically not learning anything.  She is poised to be passed on to the 9th grade to enter the process of dropping out of school.  According to Presas-Garcia this is okay because BISD has the STAMP program.

No parent with knowledge of BISD would ever put their children in BISD.  In fact the Area Assistant Superintendent over this campus sends her daughter to St. Joe's.  Rita Hernandez knows all too well, BISD is not equipped to educate children.  When an Area Assistant Superintendent chooses to not allow her own child to attend BISD, what should that tell the parents of the other children?

Two years ago this child was tested at a second grade reading level.  In two years BISD has done nothing to help the situation.  The child is now in eighth grade and still cannot read, write or do math.  How is it possible the so called experts are doing nothing to address the situation?

Part of the problem is the mother.  She sees no reason to send her children to school.  The only reason she has not been dragged into truancy court is, the doctors are all too willing to bill medicaid and sign off on any and all excuses.  This must stop.  Parents like this child's knows all she has to do is run to the  doctor for an excuse and it becomes acceptable her daughter is not in school.

We have been to child protective services.  It is not considered abuse or neglect to refuse your child ADHD medicine, or keep them from school.  I have spoken with this woman.  Her intent is to put all of her children on SSI.  She told me she does not want her daughter on the medicine because she wants her to fail so she will get the SSI, such as she is on.

I do not want to hear about the father.  BISD knows he responds to every request and attends every meeting.  But under Texas law non-primary custodial parents are powerless under these facts.  Unless someone is prepared to give him $20,000 for a custody battle there is nothing he can do.  Also, experience teaches us, once the  child is in high school there is very little to no chance of the court changing primary custody unless requested by the child.  The courts know all too well at this point, especially when there is a permissive parent involved, the child will do as they wish.

BISD has tutoring Monday thru Thursday.  In past ARDS the father has demanded the child be in tutoring.  This is not an issue.  Half the year is gone, and the child will finally be put in tutoring.  Why was the child not in tutoring?  BISD just does not get it.  Everyone knows the father supports after school tutoring, why did it take so long?

The child has another ARD in April as part of an entrance into high school next year.  BISD did not offer, and I had to demand based on the fact the child is learning nothing, testing to determine her current reading and math level skills.  These test results will dictate which classes she is placed in when she enters Pace next year.  How is it possible this is not being done for all special needs children failing at every level.  The child cannot read, but yet she was not in resource reading.  How is this possible?

BISD needs a superintendent who understands all children are entitled to an education and not just those who make the illiterate Presas-Garcia look good.  Carl Montoya is a complete and total failure as a superintendent. 

If BISD continues on this path of willful neglect of special needs children, parents will continue to take their children out of BISD.  My game plan is to put Isabela (a three year old I work with) in a private school.  I have worked too hard to give her a solid foundation to just have her go to BISD and fail.


Anonymous said...

How about if you make welfare benefits contingent on the child's grades? That would solve a lot of the school issues.
No, our current system financially rewards the parents of underachievers. "Hey Junior, act stupid so they'll send us a check"

Anonymous said...

(How is it possible this is not being done for all special needs children failing at every level.)

BWC I know that you mean well, but you are assuming that all students with special needs are not tested.
Unless you know specifically that all Special needs children are not tested yearly, empirical evidence is not enough to throw the entire Special Programs Dept. under the bus.

BobbyWC said...

Very good response - but if you note in the beginning I said I was not identifying the campus because I have seen the problem elsewhere - I have seen this over and over and over again on many campuses.

In the case of Rita Hernandez she has run cover for her staff. Carl Montoya knows about the problems and refuses to act. What is the purpose of a guidance counselor if they are not using this type information to insure special needs children are getting the help they need.

It is always wrong to assume all campuses have the same problem - but again I see this as endemic district wide - there is a real lack of interest in these children

You cannot even get Rita Hernandez or Carl Montoya to provide a higher awareness for an individual child even after multiple complaints

Bobby WC