Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Sometimes people throw out distractions to keep people from seeing the problem.  Sometimes through our own life's dramas we throw distractions into the mix.  The problem with distractions is, they keep people focused on the distractions instead of the problem,  The distractions become a form of deception. Sometimes they are intentional and sometimes they are just a consequence of the surrounding drama.

I have been lucky in knowing how to visualize places which give me energy.  With little effort I can put myself on a mountain range or on the beach on a cold day in NY.  It may take several days of visualizations, but eventually I can import the problem along with all of the penumbral distractions into the vision.  The thing is, because the place gives me so much energy, it somehow dissipates the distractions so all I really see is the core problem,  Once you can actually visualize the core problem, you can then break down the problem into elements and find a solution.

This is not a technique you learn in 5 minutes.  It is a process which can take years.  The key is knowing, what ever the problem - you are probably more focused on the penumbral distractions than the actual problem. 

Politics is what it is because politicians and con artists prefer the distractions over the facts.  They play on people's preconceived notions to buy into their distractions. 

Someday corporatism is going to be studied at a more in depth level and people will be amazed on how easy it was for corporations to get low information people to give up their rights in favor of the fleecing the taxpayers to support corporate welfare.

I know  this is not the post people are looking for, but my regular readers know I am also about education and getting people to think.  I many ways my themes are repetitions of previous posts.  But as an educator I know to get people to understand ideas you must do it one building block at a time.

Editors Note:  I am going to add typing in a code to comments.  I am getting nearly 100 spam emails a day with false comments.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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