Saturday, December 8, 2012


These stories are allegedly true.  I find far too much of my time is watching old  black and whites on Hulu.  Regular TV and the movies have gotten so bad there is simply not much worth watching.  On TV I watch, TCM, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, HBO's Boardwalk,  and American Horror Story on FX.  These are the do not miss shows.  There are a handful of other shows I watch if I have nothing else to do, but even then I am normally cleaning around the house while they are on.

I have asked many people how to feed Hulu through my TV and no one seems to agree.  I have Time Warner and am looking for ideas.  I hate watching TV on my computer.


Anonymous said...

Hook up your computer, bimbo.

BobbyWC said...

really that easy - what do you think I am using right now - tin cans - there are boxes which can be bought to aid in the process - but then the wifi becomes an issue - Time Warner and hulu are not always compatible - I actually paid a tech to do it for me and he gave up - I guess he just forgot to plug in the computer - I do not want endless wire running all over my house

Chris Davis said...

Consider the Roku LT Streaming Player. You'll need a wi-fi network, though.

BobbyWC said...

I di buy the Roku, the problem seems to be with the wifi - I have a new system buy it does not seem to work

Bobby WC