Friday, December 21, 2012


After the Connecticut shooting I did not call for more gun control, I focused in on the mental health issue and our nation's willful neglect of the issue. I remain convinced we will not end these type senseless killings until we address the issue of mental illness.

NRA CEO LaPierre rather than admit some additional gun control is needed, calls mentally ill people monsters.  He has done it several times now in his news conference.  So long as we think of schizophrenics as monsters we will solve nothing.

He has called on arming our schools while blaming Obama for not arming our schools.  Schools are local - Republicans love to yell smaller government until the federal government fails to intervene  then they blame Obama. 

He is now calling on Congress to immediately allocate how ever much money is needed to arm all schools.  How sad - this ignorant man wants to tell our children their only safety is in more guns.

I know of teachers at BISD who do cocaine - A credible source has told me of a teacher whose son grows pot in a shed on her property.  I know of BISD teachers who sell sex for money.  How can we possibly know which teachers are trustworthy? 

I do not believe in a knee jerk reaction to more gun control.  We need better background checks.  We need laws concerning gun ownership in homes where children or adults with certain (not all) mental illnesses live.

LaPierre's solution is no money for mental illness, but millions in more federal money  for guns. 

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