Tuesday, December 4, 2012


At 5:45 p.m. they went into executive session to hear the case for Filamon Vela's lease.  The allotted time is 15 minutes - let's see what happens.

The executive session lasted 30 minutes.  The commission voted to allow the city to negotiate a lease at $1.40 a square foot.  It is being represented that this is the going rate for the area.  There was no discussion concerning improvements.  The commission voted unanimously with Zamora abstaining - the company she works for did work for Vela.

There was never a signed agreement for a $1.  It was all lies.  I checked with numerous sources and no one ever heard of such a discussion. As the BV reported first this is all covered by a federal lease.  The remaining issue is - improvements.  I am certain that the city's take on the improvements is, they were ordered in the natural course of events and without consideration for Vela's needs.  Let's hope a city employee or email does not show otherwise.

UPDATE:  An FYI comment only is telling me I can go see the area and there has been no remodelling.  They are telling me Vela's staff has asked for remodelling in small areas but that is it.  Nonetheless - If they remodel anything it must be paid for and reported as part of the lease.  This has been my issue.  I will keep an eye on it.  At this point I suspect Vela is pretty fed-up with all of the lies.  But he better make sure the lease addresses any and all remodelling requests, or the lease is fraudulent.

To summarize the lies - there was never a signed lease - proof - governed by federal law - no matter how corrupt and stupid these people are they are not going to try and slide in a lease in violation of federal law - especially when Vela by law had no choice but to submit the lease for approval. 

There was never a $1 deal - we can surmise this from the known facts - the first lie - no signed lease - if the first part of the story was a lie it follows the rest was - especially since I can  find no one close to the discussions who knows anything about it.  What is being assumed is, Ben Neece told Montoya that they were going to lease the upstairs of the building for a $1 something a square foot to Vela. Ben Neece saw Vela's people in the building asking about remodelling issues.  Montoya from these limited facts changed the $1 something a square foot  to a $1 for the entire lease.  Apparently insiders which include the mayor and some city commissioners are now convinced Ben Neece is Montoya's eyes and ears in the municipal building.  He is slowly becoming persona non grata. 

I am in the process of asking MADD National and State to demand the COB release Ben Neece of his contract for violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct.  The entire matter goes back to Ben Neece releasing Montoya from jail multiple times over one year effectively without a bond or any driving restrictions related to his DWI's.  Do not fret Bennie boy - Brownsville means nothing to these people - the letter will probably be read by an intern then filed away.


The ban has passed - Martinez, Zamora, Gowen and Vasquez voting for.  Longoria and Tetreau voting against and Villarreal covering his face with his hand saying nothing.



I tuned in during the discussion brought by Escobedo to limit trustee access to the lawyers.  Longoria effectively demanded that the rule be read into the record.  She was not happy.  A clear message was sent trustees were to stop running up legal fees by contacting counsel for every little thing.  If they want information they need to go through Carl Montoya


A little background on this one - remember it came out BISD was negotiating with the county to do an in kind trade of BISD buildings with the county and that part of those negotiations suggested the county would bring in Escobedo's brother to do the remodelling once the county got those buildings. Everything was then denied as a big misunderstanding.  The issue initially passed and then on a re vote changed to authorizing Montoya to get appraisals and negotiate only an outright sale.

Well, with Otis Powers and Jose Chirinos now on the board, Escobedo is asking for a new vote to go back to in kind instead of an outright sale.

Longoria raised the issue that the board had already authorized Montoya to seek the sale of the property so BISD would have the cash.  Escobedo basically shut Longoria down and called the board into executive session to discuss real estate.

Peña has been very vocal that she will not support an in kind deal.  if this is true and Longoria, Saavedra and Presas-Garcia hold against Escobedo we could have a 4 women majority on this issue.  We shall see after executive session who votes and how.

They came out of executive session and a motion was made - I did not hear it - I was busy installing a new dryer vent hose - but the vote was unanimous what ever it was


Presas-Garcia and Longoria ganged up on Administration - meaning Montoya - they seemed to keep warning him they are watching his mistakes - he basically  dismissed them and in fact in Presa-Garcia's case refuted her claims.  Longoria was upset over an insurance committee acting without her permission.


I love my laps before bedtime.  I sleep so much better.  Laps at 8:30 are a bit cold - but I do them - it amazes me how it opens my lungs and I can breath so much better - it is very energizing. Tonight the water was very, very cold.


Anonymous said...

You do Laps before bed? Why to take care of your health! :)

BobbyWC said...

Then I do soy milk with saltines and sleep like a baby. The combo eats up any acid that me be lingering and ready to cause problems.

I always tell people - healthy is what on the inside not the outside - skinny does not mean you are healthy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Rick does business with many of the bars and Jessica has a family member who is a distributor for cigarettes. Is that a conflict?

BobbyWC said...

This remodelling thing has me very concerned - one credible source has told me there have been changes made to some offices - others are telling me this is not true, but that Vela's staff was shown the area and his assistant requested specific changes. The bottom line is any changes made at the request of Vela must be in the lease and paid for. If chanegs are made the question then becomes will Vela chance a complaint rather than disclose the changes?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I have been a huge supporter of the ban since day one - my only issue is, I would have allowed for smoking in outside patios -

Having said that - I see no conflict - the commissioners represent everyone - yes Rick's DJ business ties him to the bars - but the bar owners and cigarette distributors are entitled to a voice -

I have no problem with their vote or advocating for a sector of our community. Everyone is entitled to a voice.

Bobby WC