Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have a second post ready to go, but this one needs to appear first because the second post is a post in courage and deserves headline status. A city commissioner tells it like it is.

My love is for country, not politicians or individuals.  People attack me all of the time for this - they demand I be loyal to people - even corrupt people - no - it does not work that way. 

Last night at bingo a man I know told me to lay off Tony Martinez.  He said "he is our friend."  What my readers do not know is Tony Martinez throws this man very low dollar contracts with the  city which earns him enough to keep his family in masa y grasa.  It makes you want to cry that a man would turn a blind eye to such overt corruption so long as he gets enough of the money to buy masa y grasa. I said, "why should you not get more?"  He sad, "this is how it is done everywhere."

You know what, he is right.  Our country is no more - we use to be a community of Americans who lived for the love of country.  Today we are a country of desperate people willing to grovel over pork barrel, without  regard for its impact on our grandchildren or country.


These scumbags love the con job - the idea of Rick Zayas, Pat Lehmann, Enrique Escobedo, Cata Presas-Garcia or Otis Powers earning an honest dollar eludes them.  They all learned BISD is a bottomless pit of money for use as they see fit.  Ruben Cortez, Luci Longoria, Cristain Saavedra, and Ruben Cortez are just idiots who went along for any number of personal reasons.  None of them have been forces behind the mess - just fools with a bad agenda or poor judgment in friends.

In Brownsville families struggle to feed their family.  They struggle to  find help for their children who are having a hard time in school.   We have illiterate parents who never learned a thing at BISD now struggling to help their children succeed.  They fail because they do not have the skills to help their children.  BISD says no money for the children - but $20 million for scum like Ted Parker, Hector Gonzales, Art Rendon, Antonio Juarez, John Barr, Danny Defenbaugh, Carlos Quintanilla - each of these men have symbolically raped our children without regard for the consequences.  They did it with the aid of  Rick Zayas, Pat Lehmann, Enrique Escobedo, Cata Presas-Garcia or Otis Powers - and in fact more.

I am very proud of the city commissioner who approved the next post.  It is a significant line in the sand for this city commissioner to do what he is doing.  He is leading.  It does not mean he agrees with a word I say - it means what it means.  I  can only hope his courage will help other people come forward and finally say - BASTA

The truth about the king of Brownsville scumbags, Tony Martinez is, he will promise the poor and illiterate masa y grasa so long as they do not complain while he gives away millions to his buddies.  There is a reason why Tony Martinez worships in the private chapel on his property.  The church has rejected him.  he dare not show his face before Joshua. 

Tony Martinez is the opposite of everything Joshua (aka Jesus) believed in - Joshua walked among the masses - Tony walks among the money changers - Joshua preached and worshipped in open among the masses - Tony worships in a private chapel on his property so his presence is not soiled by the people.

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