Monday, December 3, 2012


Politicians love to live in denial about limited resources.  The TSC Board of Trustees seem to be lost at sea in terms of rebuilding TSC.  TSTC is in place and is doing its job.  To use limited resources to rebuild TSC when that money is desperately needed by the students is reckless.  This issue is not ego, which is how it is being shaped by the TSC Trustees.  The issue is, what is best for the students?  The current TSC Board of Trustees are Juliet Garcia light.  They are trying to build a monument to themselves instead of putting the students first.  The first real act of ego was refusing to sell assets to UT.  The money which could have been raised would have been invaluable to the students.
But this Board has never been about the students, they are about ego and building a monument to themselves.

TSTC is in place and operating as a community college.  To spend money rebuilding TSC when we already have a community college is reckless.  TSC needs to negotiate a merger with TSTC to form Cameron County Community College/TSTC.

TSC can be Brownsville's campus.  TSC also needs to end its childishness with UT and sell some of the assets which are not needed.  The money can pay down the bonds thereby releasing more money for the students. 

But alas, none of this will happen.  The current TSC Board will act to build a monument to themselves, same a Juliet Garcia.  Which is why I tell every student I know, either to go to TSTC or if they are interested in medical training join the military.  Anyone planning on going to TSC is wasting their resources, particularly for medical training.  I tell young adults all of the time to pool their resources with friends and rent an apartment in Harlingen.

In terms of the medical training issue, Harlingen will get the medical school, community hospital, and VA hospital.  The center for medical training will be in Harlingen.  Another loss to Brownsville as a result of its hopelessly corrupt and feckless leadership.



Anonymous said...

Specifically, what has led you to these conclusions? All I see is some general lambasting and a few broad statements. Where are the vaunted facts? Who on the board has done what and when did they do it?

BobbyWC said...

Very fair question - thanks

First of all the new President Lily Tercero is nearly inaccessible. This is not how you grow confidence in the community.

I was specific about the Board not selling land to UT. I was specific - the money would have bought down the bonds thereby releasing more money for the students.

Since the divorce - which I supported 100% - has the Board put out a vision for TSC? No The start-up of TSC is around corner. What information have they put out concerning revamping programs? What job training programs will they have - TSTC just got funding for robotics training -

I have made endless inquiries and all go unanswered or the answer is they are still in the planning stage. To still be in the planning stage this late in the game is beyond reckless.

The disease of no vision seems to come to anyone elected in Brownsville.

8 years ago when I first moved here I had to go to McAllen for VA care. Brownsville had a small clinic but too small to handle new patients. The VA went looking for new space. Brownsville was abandoned in favor of Harlingen, even though far more veterans live in Brownsville. Brownsville's failure to secure what was then a very small new clinic eventually cost Brownsville the medical school, community hospital and VA hosptital.(all around the corner)

The government looks to many factors in deciding where to put a clinic which they know eventually could lead to a medical school and VA hospital - all facts told them Brownsville was not a choice - UTB/TSC medical training program has always been a disaster. TSTC was seen as a great partner with he medical school.

The government does not sit and wait for people to eventually make up their mind.

The TSC Board has no larger plan - job training, classes for moving the students on to the university - I have made inquiries and all I hear is - still planning - opening day is around the corner and they are still planning

Now, I will tell you the Board will say they still have time. Fine - you decide - with opening day around the corner - parents trying to decide where to send their children come August - the TSC Board says - hold on - we are still planning - we will be ready by August - parents please hold on your decision until August

No parents - send your children to TSTC where education is serious business.

Bottom line is until Brownsville thinks regional, it will be left behind. When Harlingen's airport was build Brownsville should have jumped on the idea of a regional airport built in San Benito - they did not - now we has a run down airport located in the worst possible location.

So fine - oppose regional - go it alone - see how far this gets Brownsville - opposing regional has worked so well in the past for Brownsville

Bobby WC

woe is me said...

I believe that TSC has considered joining with TSTC before although I am not sure in what capacity. Have you tried to contact anyone other than Lily Tercero? Maybe Kiko Rendon or Trey Mendez? All the other info you wrote about is depressing, but true. I am a Brownsville native and want to see my city progress but it just seems like those who are in positions of power lack the foresight to make the right decision for our "continued" progress to guarantee success of our community as a whole. It seems as if we are cursed with inept
self serving leadership. With the advent of blogs such as yours, more and more people are becoming aware of what our civic leaders are up to. How do we go about getting rid of this " old school" government style? Of the three major cities in the RGV, Brownsville is the largest but behind the times with regards to services and resources, but yet, I am loyal and want to see it thrive. I look forward to all tour posts. Thank you.