Monday, December 31, 2012


I do not know if this turkey is serious or just conning the people. AllinBrownsville is about moving our children forward with education. On the surface this is the type initiative the people can support. But what is the reality behind the scenes? Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio took on SAISD. He was not tied down by United Brownsville to put up a bogus unity front. His message was the children first, politicians second. He and the children won.

BISD is a disaster.  The numbers prove parents have reached their limits with BISD and are now pulling their children out in record numbers.  Without a school district which puts children first - all of the children first and not just those most likely to succeed - Brownsville's children are going nowhere.

If you look to Tony Martinez's vision for Brownsville he clearly sees a caste system for its residents.  Those who serve and those who get served.   He is bringing Democratic Party Plantation politics to a new level.   Those students who cannot succeed at BISD will be the servers at the downtown cantinas.  They will be relegated to a life of working as the servants in his service industry driven economy.

UTB and TSC are both jokes.  At this moment neither has a vision about its future.  With no local  school district and no local community college or university how exactly does this con artist intend to move Brownsville forward through education?

UTB  gives new meaning to the term joke.  Its College of Education is a complete and total waste of tax dollars.  One role of a university is to serve its community.  UTB's College of Education considers Brownsville to be a nuisance they must tolerate.  We have a major problem with special needs  children.  Any real university would have long ago secured the grant money to study the problem.

I work with a lot of special needs children.   In most cases what they have in common are parents who were born by midwifes.  If a UTB study could officially make the link it would mean more money for our children.  Years ago I went to the College of Education and Juliet Garcia suggesting they pursue such a study.  There was absolutely no interest.  Bilingual  education in the US is a failure.  I do not believe in inclusion.  I have seen first hand what happens when children are put in a year of English only.  They succeed.  Inclusion - especially for teenagers only brings about failure.  When a teenager believes they are failing they tend to give up.  They rapidly become a statistic and non-contributing citizen.  Again UTB has no interest in studying the issue.  These are just two issues important to our area and UTB's position is - no interest.

So without a school district, community college, or university which actually serves the children, what the hell is Tony Martinez talking about?  I am not buying it, and no one I know is buying it.


Anonymous said...

I have no bone to pick at all with Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, nor am I a shill for BISD or All in Brownsville. Although I fail to see how Mayor Castro took on SAISD and won, SAISD is on Stage 3 Requirement for AYP (average yearly progress) and with that said, SAISD is not the only school district within the city limits of San Antonio, there are many and many are in the same shape as SAISD.
Again I am not trying to undermine Mayor Castro’s other successes; I just fail to see what success he has had by taking on SAISD, they are at the point where a Monitor (from TEA) will be placed in charge of the district if improvements are not made in 2013.
By the way I guess that BISD in some ways must be a better performing school district than SAISD, BISD is on Stage 1 for what it is worth.

BobbyWC said...

Actually he targetted several school districts within the San Antonio.

Nothing changes over night - he pushed for and won a 1/8 sales tax increase to promote early education in SA

he has been speaking out against the school boards for their failures- this has only been happening for a year

His voice is being heard - thingk about it - he got 54% of the voters to vote for a sales tax increase.

he will be taking no prisoners in the next school board elections

Everything has a beginning and he has started that beginning - I do not expect miracles over night - my point is he fought for the children and got the taxpayers to vote for a tax increase

he is not shying away from the nightmare which is the San Antonio schools - some are good - very good - others are a nightmare

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You like Castro??????????????

BobbyWC said...

yes, I support Julian Castro for governor