Monday, December 17, 2012


The story of Willowbrook lead to much needed reform in how we treat mental illness- It unfortunately also gave us Geraldo Rivera. 

An interesting side note to this story is, The American Psychiatric Association is dropping Asperger's from their Diagnostic Manual.  See Story   The killer in Sandyhook had Aspergers.  In my view a major source of the problem which lead to Sandyhook is the junk science known as psychiatry and organizations like Disability Inc.  Disability Inc can do good work, but on the issue of dealing with disabled children and adults their policy is, so long as they remain free nothing else matters.

To be truthful, society is also a major problem.  We demand the death penalty in cases which common sense tells us the killer was clearly mentally ill.  No emotionally stable person walks into a room and  decides to cut off their children's heads.  But as a society, it is easier to demand a lethal needle for the killer than accepting the fact his was severally mentally ill.  We will spend millions killing him, but then claim there is no money for mental illness treatment 

The reforms in the area of mental illness have reached the point of Bedlem

It is not in the best interests of mentally ill children to always be mainstreamed in a regular classroom.  Although it is the parent's right to demand a more closed and controlled environment, organizations like Disability Inc., will deny the parent services unless it is to provide the child 100% inclusion.

The child I worked with along Disability Inc., is now a drop out.  All of the evidence showed he could not handle a regular classroom, but he thrived at BAC.  In January the child will be an 18 year old dropout 10th grader who will for ever live off the taxpayers.  If we are lucky his mental illness will not  turn into a tragedy. The policy of inclusion lead to this result.

When teachers have to spend a disproportionate amount of time dealing with emotionally disabled children it wears them down, and denies the other children the help they need.  It helps no one.

There are parents all over Brownsville who need to go to probate court and secure guardianship over their mentally ill adult children.  I have discussed this issue with Disability Inc.  Their view is, it is better these people use their SSI for drugs and sex than be denied control over their own lives.  It is better they live on the street than allow a parent to be their guardian.  Unfortunately for Brownsville and communities all over town, there are parents who simply cannot afford to go to court to seek guardianship over their mentally ill adult children.

We can talk guns all we want, but until we reform how we deal with mentally ill children and adults, nothing will change.  One way or the other they will get their guns.  Yes, we need a better background check system, but in this case it would have changed nothing.  Maybe it is time background checks include whether or not mentally ill people live in the home of the future gun owners.



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