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Going backwards, I did an open records request with BISD demanding documents related to Royston Rayzor's bid for the Healthsmart lawsuit. BISD objected based on legal relationship and competitive bids. I submitted my response to the AG citing the AG opinion and statute which clearly states that once the bidding process is complete the bidding exception from release falls. There was clearly no attorney client relationship.

I then received a call from BISD claiming they are now changing their reason for not releasing the documents to a need to protect to Royston Rayzor.   Yes you heard that right, rather than have Royston Rayzor file an objection with the AG BISD took on the role of protecting Royston Rayzor.

The issue was actually addressed in the above Healthsmart opinion.  It was for Royston Rayzor to prove they would suffer an injury if their client list and billing rates were disclosed.  The argument is 100% bogus.  Any law firm representing BISD on an hourly rate must  release their billing rates for public review.

But I was not after this information so I agreed to allow BISD to redact the information.  All I wanted was proof a partner from Royston Rayzor put in the bid.  The same partner who put in the Healthsmart bid for Royston Rayzor  is the same person listed by BISD as demanding BISD not release the documents - Javier Gonzalez.

I could have fought Royston Rayzor an their fees which would have had the effect of raising even more questions about why they are fighting disclosure of their billing rates, but it would have delayed me learning the name of the partner who was pushing for the Healthsmart lawsuit.  You have to pick your battles.

From the BV November 9, 2012

"Sometime earlier this year I talked to Rick Zayas about Royston Rayzor’s interest in the Healthsmart lawsuit. I was shocked because James Hunter of Rosyton Rayzor represents Enrique Escobedo. James Hunter is a partner at Royston Rayzor. It would be a very unusual move for a law firm to take on a case wherein one of its partners represents someone who is opposed to the Healthsmart lawsuit - namely Enrique Escobedo. In fact it could result in Royston Rayzor being disqualified from the case as evidence of influence peddling by Healthsmart with Enrique Escobedo came out. I simply did not understand how this could happen.

This is what Rick Zayas told me - he said the partner who makes the decisions wants the case and James Hunter will not get a say. Here is the kicker - Rick told me he had three trustees ready to give the contract to Royston Rayzor. He specifically said while negotiating with the partner at Royston Rayzor that they ALL COULD make attorneys fees on the Healthsmart lawsuit."

I will put my package together for law enforcement to investigate my claims of contract rigging.  Not to be lost in this is the fact the Healthsmart lawsuit is good.  But if Rick Zayas touches something it becomes corruption.  His actions have cost BISD a fortune and I suspect BISD is about loose even more money because of Rick Zayas.

Also the Texas AG has the entire story.  They are fully aware of the Healthsmart situation and alleged billing fraud.  Healthsmart sued the AG to keep an audit from being released.  The same lawyers working on the Lubbock case now have the picture from Brownsville.  I can only hope it will generate further investigation by the criminal division of the Office of the AG.


Otis Powers continues in his betrayal by not putting Healthsmart on the agenda

Item 15:  Vote to renew contract with United Brownsville

Item 21:  Renewal of Linebarger contract

Item 24:   Approval of Contract for Advertising on Buses.  Months ago the BV  covered a story wherein a vendor claimed he was told by Art Rendon to not bother making a bid because the contract was going to a Houston firm

Lawsuits Settlements on Agenda:

Tom Campos

Ameel - she was the Veterans principal removed after the fiasco related to the STAMP program


BobbyWC said...

Because you raise information I cannot verify, I cannot approve the post - we shall see what happens after the vote - I have no idea who will get the bus contract

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Item 24: Approval of Contract for Advertising on Buses. Months ago the BV covered a story wherein a vendor claimed he was told by Art Rendon to not bother making a bid because the contract was going to a Houston firm

"I have no idea who will get the bus contract."

Then why did you say what you did?

BobbyWC said...

Okay there is a difference between me reporting months ago what a potential vendor told me about a conversation with Art Rendon, and me actually knowing how the Board will vote.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Can you please let us know who won the bid?

BobbyWC said...

I was busy with dinner guests so I did not see the meeting

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Does somebody knows if the contract will stay here in Brownsville or if indeed the contract was awarded to an out of town firm (Houston).
Thank yuo