Sunday, December 9, 2012


Monday: Is Cameron county about to embark on a new way of doing business? The story is good and I hope those who are pushing for change prevail.

I have said many times, there are only 2 ways for a governmental entity to raise money - taxes and profits.  There is movement among some of the county commissioners to not bid out the commissary contract next time it is up for renewal.  Among these commissioners they fail to see how allowing a private corporation to run the commissary helps the Cameron county taxpayers.  The goal is for Cameron county to run the commissary itself, thereby keeping the profits as a revenue source.

Along these lines the county is looking at changing the current contract for jail phone service.  The goal is the same - put the profits with the county instead of a private company.

The reality is, if the county were to do this it could lower the  fees on the phones and commissary items, while still making a profit.  I realize some people are oppose to making the inmates happy, but happy inmates make it safer for the jailers.  Jailers are generally underpaid, although they potentially put their life on the line every day. 


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What story?

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