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If Rick Zayas is not thinking of a way to screw the people for his own personal benefit, he is not thinking.  My readers remember that last week I covered the story that the county wants to take control over the commissary contract.   The idea was to reduce prices while increasing profits to the jail.  Any money raised by the jail indirectly impacts the county budget.

It seems that Omar Lucio and Rick Zayas panicked and ran to extend the current contract by two years.  This was in direct response to my story and fear Zayas and Cortes would lose the contract. 

Remember Lucio by his own admission to me personally, pays politiqueras by using his office to get tickers dismissed.  There is no doubt that the politiqueras charge the people whose tickets they get dismissed.  I have previously called for a full audit of Linda Salazar's court on this issue.  The county has every right to do the audit.  It is time commissioners court call for the audit.  These back door deals and obstruction of justice must stop.

Part of the contract allows Zayas and Cortez to sell calling cards to the inmates with a $2 fee added on. 

This was also a direct attack against the commissioners court.  As the Brownsville Voice was reporting commissioners court was looking into taking control of the profits related to inmate phone calls.

I get Sheriff Lucio does not like Commissioners Court.  But it makes him less than a man to screw the people of Cameron County, and inmates for no better reason to prove he can assert power.

Now before I hear it, the stories related to the commissary contract written by Montoya were all false.  All I did was defend against the paid for lies.  People need to understand the facts.  Omar Lucio's office collects 100% of the money, and then based on the terms of the contract pays Zayas and Cortez their share.  Prices are intentionally high so that profits can be used to fund inmate services.  It is really simple, either the people through property taxes fund inmate services, or the inmates fund inmate services based on paying higher prices for commissary items.  But the prices could have come down while increasing profits to the jail had the county taken control of the commissary sales.

In fact Montoya's lies cost the Sheriff's department $7,000 when an audit showed that Zayas and Cortez were under paid by $7,000, when it was learned the money charged for stamps was not being properly calculated.  And for the record no profit on the stamps is allowed.

A source is suppose be going to the commissioners court to get me a copy of the contract.  I will post it as soon as I get it.

You cannot solve problems until you identify the source of the problems.  Simply printing lies because they make good copy solves nothing.  In fact the lies make continuing the corruption that must easier.

Our state legislators need to understand that if the county is responsible for the jail, then the commissioners court needs to have exclusive control over all of the contracts tied to the jail.  Could you imagine if the Joint Chiefs got to decide who got military contracts?

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This is something else the feds need to look into.