Thursday, November 29, 2012


UPDATE:  I checked with my city sources this morning on the status of this fathom contract.  They know nothing of a signed contract or a $1 lease.  The city manager and city attorney are fully aware that Tony Martinez cannot commit the city to such a lease, or order renovations.  They are aware that such as the lease with United Brownsville it must go before the city  commission for approval.  The entire story is a fabrication, beyond Vela having made inquiries - that is it.  I suspect a lease will be negotiated, and then we can analyse the terms and form an opinion based on the terms of the lease, and the reasoning given to the city commission for the terms of the lease.  At that point all reasonable opinions are fair game.

UPDATE TWO:  JIM BARTON TURNS TO CENSORSHIP He  cannot cite where in my original post I questioned anything in his post, so rather than admit he is wrong, he simply turns to censorship and denies my post.  All my post was, was educating the people.  As we know among bullies this is always a crime.  Someone on Montoya's page claimed a free lease is illegal.  I posted the rules from the Congressional office overseeing leases which clearly provides for free leases.  I then provided my opinion about why people lie about this stuff. 


People are the sole voice in deciding who will be the new city commissioners come May 2013. In the presidential election cycle it was proven twice that all of the billionaire and corporate money raised for Romney could not force the people to vote for Romney.  The left loves to attack the Supreme Court for their decision in Citizens United.  I have repeatedly said, I do not want the government controlling speech under the guise the people cannot be trusted to do the right thing. A majority of the American people saw all of the billionaire ads bought for Romney were garbage, and chose to ignore them.  We did not need the far left protecting us from ourselves.

Another example was, during one of the primary weeks Rick Santorum beat Romney in every race of that week - without money and the billionaires backing Romney, Santorum still won the primaries and caucuses of that week.

If the people want to control who runs and who wins in May all they need to do is organize.  I will not lie, money helps.  The owners of the big car dealerships gave big to Tony Martinez.  They were not looking  for political favors.  They believed Tony Martinez was the best choice to help restore the local economy.  A stronger local economy would have meant people buying more cars.  Their support for Tony Martinez was that simple.

A Brownsville First ticket needs to form which has as its foundation the creation of an economic engine.  They need to explain that without an economic engine Brownsville cannot move forward.  They need to define their proposed economic engine and how it will create good paying jobs.  When they compare it to Tony Martinez's plan of more bars downtown, people will see just how feckless of a leader Tony Martinez really is.  His name associated with any ticket will become toxic. 

I would submit as part of the economic engine policy, the ticket should make clear they will stay on top of the issue of BISD and its failure in terms of educating our children.  The fact they have no voting power will not change the fact as city commissioners they can put pressure on BISD to address its problems.  It is what people want to hear.

Zamora's and Villarreal's districts are the easiest for a community group to win.  They will require less money.  The districts are small enough to allow  for effective door to door campaigning if the group starts by January.  Gowen's at large district will be more of a challenge - it will take a lot of money.  But a highly qualified Latina running for the position will excite people from the start.  A well placed Herald ad defining the need for an economic engine as key to Brownsville's development, by someone with a  solid resume, will bring in the money.  The ads must continue on a weekly basis.  The candidate must be prepared to have a conversation with the people in every Sunday paper.  (Okay, Daniel I did it, I expect my 10% referral fee for Sunday ads. lol) It is not all that hard for a citizens group to take control of this election.  The only question is, will the people sit back and do nothing and then complain, or will they act.

The campaign is simple "you can vote for the ticket which supports Tony Martinez's do nothing administration, or you can support the ticket for a Brownsville economic engine and jobs."  This ad is at the end of the campaign.  First you need the weekly conversation so that people know and trust you.  Then at the end you use this ad to force a clear choice.


Anonymous said...

"Gowen's at large district will be more of a challenge - it will take a lot of money. But a highly qualified Latina running for the position will excite people from the start. "

Do you have someone in mind?

BobbyWC said...

nope - I personally believe there are any number of such Latina's in brownsville - if they have the vision they will certainly have my vote

Thanks for commenting