Sunday, November 11, 2012


"Poll results indicate that about 66 percent of those surveyed support Romney, compared with about 26 percent who say they will vote to re-elect President Obama." This is a poll of active duty military personnel.


"Cameron County mail-in ballot vote count by candidate. These numbers show that the Republicans jumped on the politiquera bandwagon of harvesting mail-in votes.
The district judges are complicit in the illicit system when they refuse to speak out against this practice.  

 A "real" mail-in ballot number for each candidate in these county races should be in the double digits, maybe 100 at most.

 The... illegal practice of harvesting of mail-in ballots from the vulnerable is tainting and perverting our electoral process.
Now if you look to the returns, such as the BV pointed out last week, it is true Republicans out performed Democrats with mail ballots.  But what the BV also pointed out was the influence of military ballots.  If you look to these numbers they are breaking very close to the 60% mark - which is consistent with national polls.   Our military personnel overwhelmingly vote Republican.  The % is down from 66% because of the large number of Cameron county seniors who vote by mail and vote Democrat.
The same information is preserved on docstoc.  It is always possible Roger Ortiz will take down the numbers he already posted.
If Mary Flores or CAVA knew anything about harvesting mail ballots, which they do not, they would know politiqueras typically only pull for the candidate paying them.  Look to the numbers - more people voted straight Republican than straight Democrat.  When you consider the military mail ballots this makes sense.  The bias in favor of the Republicans went to every statewide office.  No politiquera is going to fill in every oval for every office.  696 people voted straight Republican while 1090 voted for Mitt Romney.  This is not how politiqueras work
CAVA and Mary Helen Flores exist to mislead people, to defame people, and to abuse senior citizens.  The sanctity of the ballot is sacred.  CAVA has no use for the sanctity of the ballot.  CAVA declares seniors are fragile and easily manipulated by politiqueras (I agree far too many are), but then declares they are not too fragile to be played by CAVA's thugs knocking on their door and into signing affidavits. 
According to Mary Helen Flores there should be no more than 100 or so military personnel voting by mail.  Proof - "Hey I'm the great con artist Mary Helen Flores, I do not need proof, I have low information morons following my lies and deception."
It is sad, that on this Veterans day people like Mary Helen Flores and Linda Gill-Martinez seek to implicate our military personnel in criminal conduct for voting, or seek to stop the counting of their ballots. 
Veterans' Day, nothing more than a con holiday using the names and services of honorable people to corrupt our society and push public policy which undermines our democracy.


Anonymous said...

Sad but true!

BobbyWC said...

Icannot allow for your post because of some of the accusations - but I will say this - when it was being built I saw the evidence which showed questionable change orders were approved without consulting the committee - the price stayed the same althought the amount of cement being used was decreased. I do not doubt that at some point people will go to jail over the Brownsville VFW - so I support your efforts - I just cannot allow for criminal accusations which I have not verified.

I also agree IBC and the City are refusing to act out of fear it is a VFW center - what these cynics fail to understand is, the VFW has no support from Brownsville veterans as a group - yes veterans go there - but as a group we do not support the Brownsville VFW

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Finally, a bit of traction on this topic! I appreciate the comments. At least someone out there also senses a problem with VFW Post 2035. As a veteran I was appalled at what I saw (leaving names and accusations out for now). Also, calling Post 2035 a Veterans "Center" is quite generous. There is really nothing for veterans to do there but drink. Everything revolves around paying IBC enough (mainly from booze sales) to stay silent and away from doing a thorough investigation of business activities and where owed money is NOT going (again leaving names and accusations out). The Post leases land from the City of Brownsville under an agreement, which could legally be revoked for any breach of lease. The District and State VFW would also rather hammer complainers than do their homework and find out what kind of image is being portrayed by their organization here in Brownsville.