Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The real good news is, Villalobos cried all night upon learning Obama was reelected. He now knows he is going to jail. The question is, who will he take down with him? The Republicans are in a panic because Villalobos will not go down without taking Republican James Dannenbaum with him. Republican US Attorney, Robert Pittman, Senator John Cornyn’s little boy toy could still dismiss the charges against Villalobos, but not without a major criminal investigation into Robert Pittman’s office. I would hope President Obama’s first order of business is to relieve John Cornyn’s little boy toy of his duties as US Attorney for the Western District of Texas.

Okay, the BV. Here is my last substantive post on why I was shutting down the BV. On Thursday I will detail that treachery by those tied to SAVEBISD, and Otis Powers. (Although I really do not know who is SAVEBISD - I know of only one person for sure - Otis Powers) I knew three things - I could never help these people to get elected. At the time, with the exception of Otis Powers I did not even know who was running as part of SAVEBISD. Now, I did post against lies. I did post predicting Presas-Garcia would win with at least 40%, which she did. But you never heard me advocate for any of the candidates.

The second thing I knew was, had I kept the BV going those tied to SAVEBISD would take no action to educate the people of Brownsville as to the truth of the on goings at BISD. I had hoped if I shut down, SAVEBISD would take up the slack. They did not. As everyone knows, they ran a campaign you would expect from a 3rd grader running for class president. I can tell you Otis Powers at this moment is sitting at his desk hitting the refresh button for the Herald waiting for that story from Gary Long telling the truth. Even with the election over, Otis Powers remains convinced the story is coming any day now. Otis will do what he does best, sit on the fence, wait for the right contracts, and then do what is best for everyone but the kids.

The third reason I had to shut down the BV was, I was not going to allow Presas-Garcia and her gang of thugs to use the BV and me as a distraction from their own record. I had to take that weapon away from them. They used me 2 years ago. I was not going to allow for a repeat of 2 years ago.

So now you have the basic story as to why I had to shut down. On Thursday I will document a story of contract rigging which will not now take place, but was agreed on in advance had Barbosa and Chirinos won. I will name, names. If asked by any law enforcement agency I will sign an affidavit proving same. Like I said - it was treachery by both sides.

As to blame for why Presas-Garcia won - it goes to Otis Powers, Rick Zayas (who recruited Barbosa - a fact I only learned in the last 2 weeks), Barbosa, Chirinos, Royston Razor, and many, many others. It may take time but the proof Donald Clupper was a plant will be produced. He may not know he was a plant, because he is a complete fool after all, but he was a plant to split the vote.

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