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UPDATE:  A reliable source is telling me that one of Gill's counters was so driven to change the result they made multiple attempts to claim the vote actually went to Gill and not Chirinos.  The fraud was apparently so obvious that another one Gill's own other counters had to repeatedly correct the other Gill counter.  Sources are also saying Gill demonstrated a lack of professionalism during the recount.

Do not hold your breath - the concept of integrity eludes all four.  Eramso Castro went on to his page and point blank lied accusing Chirinos of working with Carlos Quintanilla.  He did this on the same day he told me Linda Gill-Martinez was on the phone working with Carlos Quintanilla, the convicted felon from Dallas, and Healthsmart hired gun.  The other day he posted Roger Ortiz counted votes which the Secretary of State told him to not count.  Another bold face lie.  It never happened.  So why does he lie.  He has no idea he is lying.  He really believes these things.  His mind works to contrive a reality to support what he wants.  It is a very, very dangerous form of rationalization.

The situation with Erasmo is very sad because his page does do good for the community.  I suspect most people go to the page for information on issues not related to politics.  I know a lot of people who read the page.  But to a person they all say when Erasmo speaks they do not believe a thing he says.  Community pages are a dime a dozen in the world.  There is nothing original or new about his page.  It is read because it is the only page of its kind in Brownsville.  It will always exist because there will always be a  group which loves conspiracy theories and cyber-bullying.  But we cannot ignore that on the non-political information side the page has contributed to Brownsville in a positive way.

Linda Gill-Martinez is devoid of a conscience.  Will she apologize to Roger Ortiz  - never.  She cries a river about how this entire experience has taken a toll on her and her family.  When you ask her about the toll on Roger Ortiz's family she will roll her eyes and walk away.  You see she is superior to the world.   How her lies and deception impact innocent people including children means nothing to Linda Gill-Martinez


The claim Chirinos won by 10 votes is accurate.  If you compare the numbers from last night to the original final numbers of provisional and military ballots, Roger Otriz actually gave Gill-Martinez 2 votes which belonged to Chirinos.  Yes, Roger made a mistake - but in favor of Gill-Martinez - not against her.

Montoya and Mary Helen Flores are a real piece of work.  Remember how she claimed to have been eyewitness to the black bags, which I guess over time have now become yellow bags.  Will either of these pathological liars apologize to Roger Ortiz and his family - do not hold your breath - they are both con-artist driven to destroy Brownsville. 

Under the Recount Rules, because the numbers changed, the original canvass is now void.  Chirinos must now be sworn in again.  This means they reelect board officers.  If my readers remember Escobedo in the initial vote seemed to have voted against Presas-Garcia and then tried to nominate Powers as VP.  The feed went down - apparently a dispute as to the vote occurred and a new vote was taken and Presas-Garcia was voted in.    I will bet the farm Presas-Garcia was in a near state of psychosis pending the recount driving Escobedo crazy.  Powers now has time to promise his ass to Escobedo for his vote.  Let's see what Escobedo does when they re vote on officers.  There is a good chance Presas-Garcia will find herself on the outside.


BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the polite correction. I saw your comment as clicked over to the screne used by the moderators - I was about to make the change. What I do is edit about 2-3 times before posting - and then within 30 minutes after posting I give it a fresh read and make more corrections

Thanks for your polite correction - they are always 100% welcomed

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Powers now has time to promise his ass to Escobedo for his vote."

Is your comment really necessary? Does it make you better than Erasmo or Montoya?

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In the interest of defending our articles, we bloggers don't have the luxury of second parties reading our copy. I run spellcheck, reread my story, sometimes more than once if I consider the piece either important or artistic, and then send it along its merry way. As to those who criticize us for a spelling or grammatical error, these are truly little minds. Those who submit corrections in good faith, however, are gratefully appreciated for their helpful efforts. Bloggers are mom-and-pop operations. That is both a strength and a weakness. Neverless, we wouldn't have it any other way. Fortunately, we always have the haphazard editing at the Herald to enhance our product by comparison. Happy Thanksgiving!

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First to the reader who politely posted the correction - I have no idea why your comment did not post - I approved it through the email system and through the board which we as bloggers have access to.

To my readers "Chirinos must now be sworn in again." Originally read "not" instead of now. It was a very polite and professional comment

Okay on ASS - when I wrote it I thought exactly as the poster says. But here is the scoop - I do not use that language very often - although I use it - words have meaning in context especially when not over used - if you know everything I know you would know the use of the word ass was spot on. But I understand your reasoning and objection

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - I just love these anony cowards who think I am going to post through such nonsense - you need to look up the term "warning shot across the bow of the ship" take that concept and apply it to my admonitions to Escobedo and my analysis of the recount options, and then you might understand why your vulgarties reflect your ignorance.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby why do you start with a post that is so professional and objective and then you throw in your ass-wipe comments in the middle of your professional posting. You are like those great movies that without any need throw in nudity and ruin the film for family outings. Sad!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us informed.