Monday, November 19, 2012


I have no idea what to expect from the BISD recount. The general public is not welcome in the room when the recount is done. So what we will have is Montoya reporting on every bit of made of garbage and in some cases outright lies.

So based on what I read in the Herald we have the candidates deciding on the counters. This should be interesting. Obviously Gill-Martinez's people have already been instructed to strike enough ballots to change the result. It could very well be bad votes were counted and Gill-Martinez should have been declared the winner. All I see coming is a bloodbath of accusations during the recount, unless there are clear examples of votes which should not have been counted. Which I agree is very possible.

The first accusations coming from both sides will occur once the name of the counters are formally decided.  I can only hope neither side chose people who have already announced their view of the need for a recount. 

In the end I say - let it go - accept the results. Texas election law is antiquated and decided to keep elections from being fair. Texas election law promotes fraud.

I cannot wait to see what happens if Linda Gill-Martinez wins.  Escobedo will no longer be needed by Presas-Garcia.  He will become an outsider.  Look, if a new majority cannot control the Board at least we may have justice in Escobedo becoming part of the minority.


Anonymous said...

What the heck Bobby? You are so wishy washy! You say Gill Martinez should win then you say Chirinos should win. What is you problem? You are all dumb lately. You almost seam to be walking the fence on this issue. Though you had more courage than that. Guess we were wrong about you. Sad!

BobbyWC said...

How do you get out of anything I have written I am saying Linda Gill should win? It is beyond me - what I think you are really saying is, it is my job to fight the fight Chirinos refuses to fight - I have painted scenarios - many of which are fun to think of - you might start by learning the meaning of works like blindside, and poetic justice - you might then be able to understand what I have been writing

Also you obviously have reviewed all of the ballots while considering the law and know something no one else knows.

The BV has always been about evidence, not people - I have no access to the ballots. I have no way of knowing if a mistake was made. I do know that human error is real. Given this reality why would I declare without access to the ballots that the original count was 100% perfect? For all I know or Gill-Martinez knows, maybe they made a mistake giving Gill-Martinez too many votes and after the recount Chirinos will have an even bigger win.

I deal in evidence, not people - the fact you do not know that means you are either very new to the BV, or playing a BS game because I am not taking sides the way you want me to.

Bobby WC