Monday, November 26, 2012



For more than a month now, a source in Dallas has been telling me Carlos Quintanilla has been running his mouth that sometime after the election he would have the money to buy back his foreclosed home.  As of this moment the house is not for sale or even for rent.  Quintanilla had previously confirmed that his deal with the new owners was that he was going to be provided an opportunity to either buy back the home or rent it.  The home is turned upside down in terms of its value so the market is not amenable to selling it without NTex taking a loss.   NTex has every reason to take $2-3 thousand in rent every month from Quintanilla while they wait for the market to recover.  The funny thing is, if Quintanilla comes into any chunk of change the FBI will know it.  The other thing is he could not afford the mortgage before the foreclosure, so how is he now affording the rent?

After the recount, Escobedo had more than enough opportunity to put the new canvass on the agenda for Tuesday's specially called meeting.  He did not because he is still negotiating his position.  Is he negotiating with Ted Parker directly? - hardly.  Parker got caught on tape(text)  by the FBI in Lubbock once - he is not going to make that same mistake again.  Escobdeo is negotiating indirectly with a third party.

As to Healthsmart, if the FBI is watching and investigating, Escobedo voting to reinstate the Healthsmart lawsuit would act as a mitigation in terms of his own troubles which will follow if indictments do come.  If Escobedo votes  to not reinstate Healthsmart, he will be hanging himself with no claims of mitigation when indictments do come.

I really want to see how without a new canvass he intends to handle Tuesday?  Will the meeting be cancelled today and rescheduled for Thursday?

But mind you, there are intense negotiations all around between Escobedo, Ted Parker, Presas-Garcia and Powers.  The one issue not on the table - the children.

One incite to negotiations will become very real if Powers fails to put Healthsmart on the agenda for the December 4th regular meeting.  If it is not there we then know Powers got what he wanted in exchange for not pushing the refiling of the Healthsmart lawsuit.  It would be a disaster for Escobedo if  Powers put Healthsmart on the agenda, and then Escobedo votes against reinstating the lawsuit.

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