Friday, November 30, 2012


My most difficult challenge in posting stories is when a source asks that I not to.  I finally got permission to tell the story related to Rick Zayas and his law partner Luis Hernandez and the conspiracy to engage in barratry.

What is barratry?

".4)  pays or gives or offers to pay or give a person
money or anything of value to solicit employment;
(5)  pays or gives or offers to pay or give a family
member of a prospective client money or anything of value to solicit
employment;  or"


It has been hard for me to not tell this story, because given all I know about the barratry claim, Rick Zayas' negotiated kick-back scheme with Royston Rayzor for getting them the Healthsmart lawsuit, I now believe with 100% certainty Presas-Garcia's claim that in the lawsuit Rick Zayas has against her, his client did in fact tried to bribe her.  It is all consistent with how Rick Zayas  does business. 

Remember, I have already established that Rick knowingly lied in the lawsuit against Presas-Garcia when he failed to disclose what he knew was the reason the deal fell through.  The wife owner of the house stopped the deal over the price.  Which is exactly what Presas-Garcia alleged publicly, albeit incomplete for why the woman cancelled the deal - namely Presas-Garcia got her to cancel the deal over the price because unbeknownst to the woman Presas-Garica had failed to deposit the earnest money with the title company.  Scum all the way around.  But in the end I do believe Presas-Garcia will be able to prove Rick Zayas knew about the attempted bribe on Presas-Garcia.  It is 100% how this man does business.

Some months ago I was in Rick Zayas law office.  I was speaking with Luis Hernandez about a case related to a friend.  My nephew who is the cousin of my friend (hence two family ties) was trying to settle a motorcycle accident case.  The insurance company was basically only offering medicals, with no damages for pain and suffering or personal injury.  I asked Luis Hernandez what my nephew's chances were with a Cameron county jury.   Even though my nephew had about $30,000 in medical bills, because he never did physical therapy a Dallas jury probably would have awarded less then actual medical expenses.  This had me concerned - but I know nothing about Cameron county juries.  The good news was, my nephew had the claim of negligence per se, and gross negligence because a 17 year old while texting at three in the morning ran a red light and totalled his motorcycle while sending him to the emergency room.  100% of his medical bills were from the emergency room.

HERE IS THE KICKER:  Luis Hernandez says that I need to allow him to bill his client for a while in the case for my friend and then he would eventually recommend settlement in my friends case. I  would then have to refer my nephew's case to Rick Zayas.  I would be taken care of.  I have never, ever asked for or accepted a penny from anyone for helping them to find an attorney.  It is a crime.  In fact when I practiced law, unless I was going to stay involved in the case, I never accepted legal referral fees when I would send the case on to larger firms. 

On that day I told my friend his case was going to get messy, and it has, because I would not agree to refer my nephew's case to Rick Zayas.  Once general counsel for the insurance company got involved with my nephew's settlement offer the case settled.  Valley Baptist lowered its bill, an the insurance company put more on the table.  All were happy.  He had to pay no one so much as a penny to settle his own case.

Cameron County is a cesspool of corruption.  The judges are as corrupt as they come.  People like Rick Zayas, Luis Hernandez, Armando Villalobos, Abel Limas do not become what they are without the help of corrupt judges.

Remember, I already disclosed Rick Zayas' claim that Judge Ben Euresti will take care of him in his lawsuit against Danny Defenbaugh.  Joe Rod and his son really need to consult real attorneys in that case.  Rick as is clueless about the law as humanly possible.  Not only will Joe Rod lose, but with Rick Zayas in charge, Joe Rod will be paying sanctions to Defenbaugh.

I, not my friend, will be adding to the complaints against Linda Salazar claims she has allowed her court to become corrupted by Rick Zayas based on his professional relationship with her son Ruben Cortez.  Rick Zayas could not give a rats ass what happens to Linda Salazar - she and Ruben are nothing more than saps in his practice of corruption.

I would love to get into the specifics of the case in her court, but I have been asked not to discuss it on the internet.

I am doing my best to find an attorney willing to appear for my friend to take down Rick Zayas and Luis Hernandez for good.  The discovery abuses are beyond surreal.  Remember they took the case after I had already consulted with Rick Zayas for my friend.  It is my belief the law office of the late Rusty Faulk referred the case to Zayas based on his relationship to Linda Salazar. I am certain Mr. Faulk would be ashamed of how his office has been used to corrupt the process.  Regardless of the rules of professional conduct no honest attorney would have accepted the case.

 But it is like both Rick Zayas and Luis Hernandez told me, Linda Salazar is not smart enough to understand the law so they have no reason to fear her following the law.  Rick Zayas has no concept of integrity or morality. Because I do have a moral compass there are private conversations between myself and Rick Zayas I will not discuss publicly because they would cause irreparable emotional damage to innocent third parties.  I am keeping my discussions limited to his unethical conduct as a lawyer.  That is all that is newsworthy.


Anonymous said...

Are you surprised? Why do you think he and the other budheads are the corrupt 4..

BobbyWC said...

The entire lot are corrupt - it was a battle for control with no interest in the children

When Zayas first announced against Lehmann - based on his ad I wrote "Does this man even know children attend BISD." my issue since day one has been the children - I saw the battle being faught by Lehmann to control - that is where I began

But even before then, I went after Otis Powers in his initial race against Presas_Garcia - I was very critical of the board while Otis was on the board

In fact for their willful neglect of the children I called them child abusers.

Chirinos and Pena are fools following really incredibly bad people who hate Brownsville and its children - they live for the game of corruption - the problem is Longoria, Saavedra, Escobedo and Presas-garcia are also all corrupt

Bobby WC