Saturday, November 24, 2012


The law on recount is pretty clear on one point - if the numbers change by one number, the original canvas is void, and must be redone.  Where things get messy is, what happens if the new canvas requires an already sworn trustee be removed?  Because Chirinos won the recount, removal is not an issue.  But the law is clear, the original canvas is void.

Tuesday's special called  meeting does not include a new canvas or swearing in of Chirinos.  Why?  Escobedo is still negotiating with both sides - will he caucus with Powers, Chirinos, Peña, or Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra?

Legally, Chirinos may not be able to vote, until a new canvas.  In fact if Escobedo refuses to conduct a new canvas every vote Chirinos takes could be void.  For example if the Healthsmart lawsuit is refiled with Chirinos being the 4th vote, Healthsmart could argue the filing of the lawsuit was never authorized by the BISD Board.

I can just imagine all of the negotiating "in the best interests of the children" which ongoing between Powers an Escobedo, and Presas-Garcia and Escobedo.


Anonymous said...

With all BISD offices closed for a week I am sure that the agenda was written before the recount. This meeting has nothing that will cause a spit vote. If you question what the alliances are check out the board committee appointments. It is very obvious on member has no committee appointments.

BobbyWC said...

There was time to amend the agenda after the recount - they chose not to - there are negotiations - more to come on Monday

Bobby WC