Wednesday, November 7, 2012


If you missed his speech, you need to listen to it.

It is time to move on from the BISD election. Trustee elect Linda Gill-Martinez needs to be judged on her actions - past aside. But pay attention people - Escobedo and Powers are about contracts - if they can get Linda and Minerva to go along, they will be the new majority. It will be a better majority, but only by a hair - if that much.

But for now celebrate the reelection of President Obama. The Supreme Court may not sound like much, but it is now safe from a radical right take over for the next 4 years. Only one Republican needs to be replaced to forever change the Supreme Court and protect the people from a radical right agenda. President Obama's first order of business needs to be to threaten the Senate with a lawsuit to end the current application of the filibuster. It is no longer a senator taking to the floor and speaking for endless hours, it is a substantive change of the constitution. We need to return to a majority vote of 51 and not 60.

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