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A moderator has the responsibility to not allow for reckless statements against anyone or any organization.  While I understand for low information ignorant people a bad moderator means they can spend their day reading lies, deception and endless ignorant statements which feeds into their ignorance as low information readers.  If this is your audience as a moderator, then you are not much of a moderator.

The link below shows how a Texas couple won a $14 million judgment against an anonymous poster.  Google has no problems giving up the name of the anonymous posters.  They answer all subpoenas.  I do not know if Linda Gill-Martinez does marijuana.  I understand chronic pain - I was diagnosed with myfasciitis some 35 years ago.  Having been raised a Christian Scientist I learned at a very early age of the power of mind over matter.  There is no treatment for the pain.  Nothing, including pot relieves the pain.  Yes I smoked and inhaled when I was in college in the 70's.  It did nothing for my pain.  Every known pain killer has been used to try and control the pain caused by myofasciitis.  Because I control the pain with mind over matter and any number of meditation techniques along with some physical therapy I developed on my own, my  doctor is not even allowed to discuss the pain with me.  The key to self pain management is to embrace it as a natural part of yourself.  People who obsess about the pain and endlessly seek out doctors or drugs for relief never get relief.  I will not even allow myself to consider the existance of a treatment.  Years of failure have taught me that every time the new guaranteed treatment fails, I have to rebuild my mind over matter skills to treat the pain.

Sorry  for the diversion - just trying to show empathy - only a low life piece of worthless shit that not even flies would sit on would use someone's pain as a weapon.  Jim Barton's decision to post these allegations against Linda Gill Martinez was reckless.  It  speaks to his obession with hating people who do not serve his needs.  I was able to make my argument against Linda Gill-Martinez without using her artistic choices against her, her disability of RA against her, or allow for bogus anonymous claims against her.  It was simple, Erasmo Castro verified for me that she was still talking to Carlos Quintanilla on the phone.  I was done.  She then followed up by defending the Defenabaugh audit.  No rational personal would have trusted her to not be a plant.  She may not be a plant,.  She may be independent - but given the evidence it was not worth the gamble.


Okay, I love NatGeo.  This was a magazine always available in my home growing up.  My  father always kept the past copies.  NatGeo taught me the world was diverse and exciting.  It taught me to respect all of humanity.  It made me want to learn about everything in every issue.  My point is, I have a very strong bias in favor of NatGeo.

Cheezmeh posted a comment accusing NatGeo of charging BISD $20,000 a day for Primatologist Mireya Mayor to speak to BISD students.  Knowing how much NatGeo influenced my own desire to learn more, I saw this lecture series as a great thing for our students.

BUT no, this is Brownsville so people have to lie, deceive - what ever it takes to appear relevant while claiming to have the best interests of the children at heart.  The children were not even a consideration.  People were posting comments asking who this Mireya Mayor knows at BISD while suggesting kick-backs.  According to these low information people, Nat Geo is so desperate for money they are engage in kick backs in Brownsville, Texas.  Really?  It is impossible to move a community forward when this type nonsense appears in social media.  I can only hope that by encouraging people to think about the claims being made, they will realize when claims are too bizarre to be true.

I knew the claims had to be bogus, so I contacted NatGeo.  As it turns out nothing posted on Cheezmeh was accurate.  The speaker is independent of NatGeo.  NatGeo's sole role in the lecture was to pay the speaker's fee of $2,000 a day, not $20,000 as alleged.  (The $20,000 claim should have been enough for even an idiot to realize the allegations were bogus.) NatGeo gives BISD a grant so that our children can learn from this speaker, and Cheezmeh's response was to denounce NatGeo using lies.  This is not putting the children first, it is putting your own self interests first while throwing the children under the bus.

Here is NatGeo's response to my inquiry:

Dear Bobby Wightman-Cervantes:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Here's what I found out:

-Primatologist Mireya Mayor did three school presentations plus one
other presentation for school administrators in Brownsville Texas on
one day, October 30, 2012.

-National Geographic Learning paid Ms. Mayor $2000 for her work. She
agreed to reduce her normal fee because we were coupling school
meetings along with our administrator meetings.

-The Brownsville School District did not cover any of the costs for
this engagement.

I hope this information proves helpful.

Lisa T. Walker
National Geographic Society

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