Sunday, November 11, 2012


Note where this kitty litter scoop was made - U.S.A. I had to buy a kitty scoop to clean cigarettes out of a bucket filled with sand that I keep on the outside patio around the pool. While I do not allow for smoking in my home, I do allow adults to smoke around the pool, so long as no children are around. I use an old chlorine container for used cigarettes, which I painted, and then filled with sand.

I have been talking robotics for so long to no avail.  This is the future.  Cameron county and Brownsville should have gotten on this bandwagon years ago, but then this is Cameron county where ideas go to die.

The below link has all the BV articles wherein robotics is discussed.  It goes back to 2010.  Imagine Brownsville could not even begin to imagine how important robotics training is to job creation.

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