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Here is his proof -

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What the consummate con artist does not tell people is, page views is how many times people clicked on the page. So imagine an average of 800 people click on the page an average of 4 times a day that would be 3200 pages views, but only 800 readers. I say average, not mean, because the reality is some people will click on his page once a day, while others may do it 5 to 8 times a day.  Now you know - his readership is nearly non-existed. People are paying for ads to be seen by some maybe 700-1000 individual viewers. Also no source can track when the same person looks at any web page from home, then work, and then maybe on an android.

With the exception of Presas-Garcia all of his BISD candidates lost.  She only won because she outsmarted Otis Powers and Rick Zayas (a dead idiot can outsmart Otis and Rick )  with a plant to split the vote.  With all of his unrelenting defamation and lies he could not get, Yolanda Begum, Arge Miller, Susan Bowman, or Linda Gill-Martinez elected. 

He cannot sight one rule Roger Ortis broke so he along with Jim Barton attack Roger on lies about military ballots and provisional ballots.  Roger has zero control over the law and when these ballots are counted.  Jim and Juan can mislead people all they want, but it will not change the law.  On the missing ballots, the fact remains the candidates are not doing their job in selecting competent poll watchers. 

Think about this, less than 1% of the polling places made a mistake in securing the ballots.  This means a tad  bit more than 99% got it right.  Exactly where is the problem?  Which business or government agency gets it right 99% of the time.  But defamation comes so easy to cyber-bullies

Correction:  I will not delete my original number - it occurred to me in some cases a polling place has more than one precinct - according to the Herald there were 83 polling places.  This would mean there were problems at about 1.21% of the polling places.  Since when does government perform this well?  A simple mathematical fact will not stop the lies, and at its underbelly that the is problem with Cameron county.  Our proximity to Mexico has nothing to do with our problems.  Only self hating low self esteem Latinos support such a claim.  Corruption and incompetence exists in government all over the U.S.  It has nothing to do with race or local culture - it has to do with people.

Roger cannot be at every polling place.  The law, not Roger, provides for the poll watchers to look  for these type irregularities and to then report them so Roger can stop the problems.  I do not doubt his staff needs better training.  I agree if Roger's staff were better trained, the poll watchers would not have to report irregularities.  But how about telling the truth, federal and state law govern the military ballots and provisional ballots.  The poll watchers are to report irregularities.  Until the candidates do their job and pick competent poll watchers problems will persist on election day.

The idea that everything in Roger's office should be perfect is moronic.  The US government cannot prevent the head of the CIA from having an affair.  How in hell is an elections administrator suppose to guarantee his staff will follow the law to the letter of the law?  This is why we have poll watchers.  They are the check on the system.  But I agree we need better training of Roger's staff, volunteers, poll watchers, and election judges.

So Juan keep on lying for pay - business is business.  I do not judge it - what I do is do my best to insure people know your words are bought and paid for.  While you cry a river for yourself you attack people like Melissa Zamora for working for people you do not like.  In her case she has no control over who her bosses chose to do business with, but you Juan choose your clients before taking the money.  So you just keep on crying a river, because no one but the cyber-bullies who post on your page are buying it.

The BV was the first to call for a free recount in the Gill-Martinez/Chirinos contest.  I did not wait to see who came out on top.  I saw the issue of integrity in the process and put that over politics and endless needless defamation of Roger Ortiz.  The BV defended Gill-Martinez against the endless cyber-bullying on Barton's page.  The BV always defends against cyber-bullying.  Although the BV is very happy Chirinos won, it stands with Gill-Martinez in demanding a  free recount.  The people having confidence in the integrity of the process is more important than any one candidate.

The question is, of the some maybe 800 readers Juan has, how many such as myself go for a good laugh and to read the day's paid for defamation?  How many actually read his paid words because they consider them credible?  I suspect on the latter - 100 maybe.

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Juan Montoya lies on a daily basis!