Wednesday, November 28, 2012


As is always the case with Jim Barton, he cannot refute facts so he goes personal.  Below is my post on the issue of leases and congressional offices.

Nowhere in my post do I defend any lease or claim any lease exists.  I checked with the city and the congressional office which oversees leases for congressional offices and both claim to have no knowledge of this fathom lease Barton claims exists.

But I did not go there.  My issue was really quite simple - to educate people as to the process.  I also went out of my way to refute a claim made  by an anony poster on Montoya's page claiming free leases are illegal - they are not.

But no, even though I mention nothing related to Barton's post, his frail ego claims I did and forces him to attack.

 He cannot refute one thing I said, so he goes personal.  Jim can never refute facts.  So he posts his nonsense and then calls on his cyber-bullies to back him up.  Without cyber-bullies to back him up, he has nothing. 

If I wanted to go personal on Jim I would note - what kind of a loser takes his diabetic wife to smoked filled bars?  You got it, Jim Barton - this man is so poorly educated that he does not even know the dangers smoked fill bars present to diabetics.  He does not care - he is too self absorbed in his own failed ego.  Yes it was a low blow - but it speaks to who this man really is. 

I find it useless to respond to the nonsense Barton posts in his cyber-bullying.  But in this case there is a teaching moment about cyber-bullying and that is the sole reason I am responding.  It is also to prove a point - I can go low like Jim, but still prove he is all wrong.  Jim only has distractions.  Jim will have a tirade because you see his ego says, he can defame people, lie about people, destroy people, but can't handle the truth about himself when  forced to face it.  His personality is classic bully - he loves to bully, but goes home running to mommy when people fight back. 

To understand just how beyond surreal Jim is, he says he cannot refute my research, but then claims I am not qualified to speak to legal issues.  He knows this because when push came to shove I  told the State Bar of Texas I would not drop a lawsuit against their lead pro bono counsel for his role in the cover-up of the abuse of boys by priests.  You see according to Jim any competent attorney would have dropped the lawsuit instead of standing his ground in defense of those who were molested by the priests.   This is what Jim Barton calls honorable - dropping the lawsuit.

It is lost on Jim in measuring my legal skills that I graduated a top law school, where as his claim to fame is being a cyber bully with no legal training.  It is beyond surreal.

In his tirade he goes out of his way to prove how little he even knows about the law.  With my signature on a piece of paper within months I can open a law practice in Brownsville.  I  do not have a law practice by choice.  I refuse to be part of what I know is the largest criminal enterprise in the State of Texas - the State Bar of Texas.  It is called taking a moral stand - I cannot be bought with money or title.  I took a moral stand I am very proud of in defense of the victims of the the molesting priests and the attorneys who ran cover for them.  Why would I ever again give the State Bar of Texas control over me.  So long as I do not say I am admitted to practice law in Texas they have no jurisdiction over me - period.

If Jim knew anything about the law, which he does not, he would know law professors and corporate attorneys allow their law licenses to be suspended and many are in fact are not admitted to the practice of law.  The senator elect from Mass. Elizabeth Warren does not have a law license, although she is Harvard law professor and practices corporate law. 

There are both legal and political reasons  for why law professors and corporate attorneys do not have law licenses.  You do not need a law license to be hired by a corporation to practice law at the corporate level.   The key is you cannot go to  court or claim to be admitted to the practice of law in the state where the corporation exists.  The fact is it is bad form to have corporate counsel practicing law before the bar.

Further, if Jim knew anything about the law - law school graduates can represent clients before any number of federal agencies without a law license.  In fact you do not even have to be admitted to the practice of law to be a federal judge.  In fact many federal judges have allowed their law licenses to lapse. 

But then why deal in evidence and law when you are Jim Barton.

So I submit to Jim, produce this lease you claim exists.  The city does not have it.  The congressional office which oversees the leases does not have it. 

I deal in evidence.  Once there is a lease - if there ever is - I will review it and then comment.  But to claim something you have not seen exists so that you can make yourself appear relevant, makes you pathetic.

Once a lease appears and if in fact the rent is essentially free, I will consider the city's argument for its terms and then  form an opinion.  This obviously makes me crazy.  Why? I want to consider the evidence and argument of counsel before rendering a verdict. How shocking of me.  God save our jury system if Jim Barton is ever allowed to sit on a jury.


BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - you people just do not get it - where have I said no such lease is being negotiated? I have not - in fact I have verified lease discussions are ongoing. This is not unusual - in fact cities like to have the main congressional office in their building for better access. Brownsville will not be the only city with a congressional office in a city building. It will not be the only city offering discounted rent - it is something cities do - it is exactly what the city did with the Pan Am building. There is nothing new here.

I do not doubt that since before the election Vela and Martinez met about office space. I do not doubt that Martinez made inquiries with Charlie Cabler about the availability of space. I do not doubt that the city is renovating space all of the time. But none of this means a lease has been signed behind closed doors by Tony Martinez and Vela. The lease must be approved by he congressional office which oversees the leases. there is no way in the course of a week after the election the lease was signed and approved by the congressional office which oversees leases. The week time frame is based on Montoya's original bogus story.

Will it shock me if a lease is eventually signed and approved? - no - will it shock me if the rent is discounted? - no - it is a business decision - Vela has a large district. His budget for office space is limited. Communities which want a congressional office will do their best to help him get it at a discount. The more communities which provide discounted rent, the more communities which will have a congressional office. Although the number of employees he is allowed is limited to 18 (it is actually more - the official number is 18 before the game playing on what constitutes an employee)

When a lease becomes available I will review it - I will listen to the argument for the terms of the lease - I will then form an opinion - yes my approach clearly makes me crazy - because only a crazy person would consider evidence and argument before forming an opinion.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much Bobby about enlightening the public on who Jim Barton really is. The more people that know of his spineless tactics the better.

BobbyWC said...

While I appreciate your comment, I have zero concern educated people consider his postings to be anything more than a nuisance - it is an absolute exercise in futility to try and educate who celibrate as a birth right their ignorance. The power brokers in Brownsville with whom I have spoken always ask me the same thing - what is his purpose - I always say - he has a right to free speech and to make a fool of himself

He has yet to apologize to the Cabler family or issue a public retraction - he has yet to apologize to Roger Ortiz for all his lies or to the bailiff he defamed - the moral compass which would allow for these acts does not exist - it cannot be taught - people who find him credible cannot be changed or educated

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As a reader I am also disappointed with Mr. Barton for not offering an apology to Charlie Cabler and his family regarding his post on the Charles Martin Cable Memorial Park. In fact, I am also disappointed with you for telling your readers to cancel their subscription to the Brownsville Herald and now I hear that you are contributing articles posted in the Brownsville Herald. Perhaps an apology is forecoming from you to your readers that cancelled their subscription to the local newspaper.

BobbyWC said...

I stand by my position to cancel your subscription to Herald - I do not have one - I do exactly like I said - I scan the online articles. Until the Herald changes it policies I will not subscribe to he Herald - that does not mean my voice should not be heard - but I understand your issue

Bobby WC