Friday, November 9, 2012


The movie was enjoyable. I did not like the ending one bit. I will not spoil the ending for anyone intending to go see the film.

They used a lot of imagery and sounds to make you feel like you were watching James Bond 50 years ago. The story line was very slow. It got taxing at times. Some of the scenes were right out of other action films - so not very original.

The premise of the film is the enemies of state are no longer obvious so we have to change how we engage in intelligence gathering.  The villain was a pathetic character.  Javier Bardem will not be reminding people of his acting in this film.  It just was not there.  He was not a good fit for the character so he could not pull it off.

Judi Dench is why I went to go see the film.  She is such a great actress.  Through the film you question whether or not she even wanted to do the film.  She did not give it her all and it showed.  I think she knew the script was bad.  The goal of teh film was to bring back a feeling of the original Bond with visuals and sounds, as opposed to delivering a quality film.

If you like Bond you will enjoy the film - the previous one was so, so much better.

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