Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Bela is now three years old.  Several weeks ago she blew my mind when I asked her how many eggs we had already put in the cake and she said 2.  I then asked how many did I tell you we need, and she said 3.  I then asked how many more eggs do we need and she said 1.  This is how children learn.  Isabella loves to cook and make cookies and cakes.  In my kitchen everything is very safe.  She is never allowed near the hot oven or stove.  But that does not mean she cannot help with the cooking.

Oh funny, she loves to get crushed ice from my icemaker - it is all she ever drinks in my house.  When the ice spills on the floor she yells "cleanup" and gets the mop from the laundry room.  She mops the floor from the ice and then puts the mop away.

Last year I bought her a toddler karaoke machine. It had 15 songs on it.  5 alphabet songs, 5 counting songs and 5 general toddler songs.   The microphone works.   This is a great developmental toy.

I always tell people this time of year if you have the money you need to adopt a family.  But buying junk does not help the kids.  Isabella loves music.  She is learning her colors.  She has toddler scissors down pat.  She is counting to 40, and she knows her alphabet.  Since the day she was born, I have always bought only developmental items.

This piano comes with a music book with colors instead of notes.  I figure the first couple of months she will drive her grandmother nuts - in time she will get it. 

For Thanksgiving put politics away and start thinking how you can help a child learn.


Anonymous said...

Does Bella have a low red blood cell count? Eating ice is a sign. Just asking?

BobbyWC said...

I will have the mother mention it to the doctor - bella does not like soda, tea, gatorade - she either drinks milk, water, or ice - she is very healty by appearance- she is large for her age - most people think she is almost 5 - she is bigger than her 4 year old cousin - she is 3'2" tall - she is on the heavy side of normal, but not really fat - I wish I could post her picture, but we live in a world of evil - no child's picture is safe on he internet - especially in Brownsville where filth politics reigns on the internet -

I have noticed she does not like meat - she will eact some chicken - but no beef - we are going to try fish this week and see what happens - she loves rice and beans, milk, cheese - fruit - raw cookie dough, but not cookies or cake - no matter how you cook the beef she will not eat it - but she will eat Owens sausage - go figure - she loves mac and cheese - especially making it

But thanks for the heads up - with her not eating much meat maybe there is something there - but I can also tell you she runs hot - she has run hot since a baby - she hates tight shirts - she prefers shorts over pants - or dresses over pants -

Bobby WC