Thursday, November 8, 2012


The BV historically is the first to speak to the issue of mail-ballots.  On election night Roger Ortiz played hide the tally.  On his county page he set up a place for the returns, and then instead placed the returns on the county's home page, instead of his page.  All night I waited for him to publish the numbers only to be disappointed.

Since Tuesday night I have complained endlessly about how once numbers were posted there were no numbers on mail ballots.  Where is the watchdog group CAVA to speak to the issue?  Nowhere to be found.  Did the importance of the issue all of a sudden do away?  I guess so.

Anyway, while turning in my Open Records Request to Roger, I was told by his office that he had received a high level complaint over his incompetence on the issue and was working to resolve the problem.  I am now home and looking at the new numbers - yes things seem to have gotten worse - if that is humanly possible.  But there may be a logical explanation.

Because offical public  record is no longer reliable and subject to change, I have uploaded these numbers to docstoc so they will always be available for review.  Let's see of Roger is forced to change them again.

I suspect the mail ballot numbers for BISD are correct.   But are we to believe Republican Chuck Mattingly got 1077 mail ballots, while Democrat Saenz got only 692. Look at the list guys, in nearly every case the Republican buried the Democrat with more mail ballots - in Cameron county.

Now, to be fair - there may be an explanation other than incompetence on Roger Oriz's part - this is where the BV distinguishes itself from the garbage posted elsewhere.  Maybe because it was a presidential election the number of military mail ballots was exceptionally high, and they favored Republican.  I am just trying to be fair - that's all - Only Roger Ortiz can explain this.  Hopefully the military ballots are the explanation and we are not going to see another explanation for failure.

As to the other problems we are hearing about - not even with an inspector from the SOS office  could Cameron county conduct an election without stupid acts by stupid people


Anonymous said...

What is your take on H Gonzales and 3 "ladies" of the corrupt $4 TOGETHER visiting Roger Ortiz' office? My God, how obvious is that??? They know no shame.

BobbyWC said...

I do not report from sources I find to rarely be credible - once I get confirmation of the story I will comment - but know this - no matter how illegal their conduct no attorney in Cameron county will take up the cause for the people - so what is the point

Bobby WC