Thursday, November 15, 2012


"The Texas Supreme Court has decided to move forward with allowing low-income couples without children to divorce without hiring lawyers.

The court ordered Wednesday that a proposed standardized divorce form that would be acceptable in Texas courts be published for a period of public comment. It could approve."

In this story the DMN proves it has no editors and has no interest in the accurate reporting of a story.  In Texas there is no requirement that a person have a lawyer for anything.  An individual does not now and never has needed a lawyer, regardless of their economic status.  The first line of the story is simply 100% false.  But then this is American journalism - just make up any story to sell a paper.

The line should read, to help low income couples, the Texas Supreme Court has authorized a standard form, created by the court, for uncontested divorces when children are not involved.  That is all they did.  You will note, I said court created - Why?  because there are already on line and in form books at the law libraries many standardized forms for divorce with or without children and with or without property.  And again, anyone can access these  forms without an attorney.

The real story is, why has it taken the Texas Supreme Court so long to create such a form?  23 years ago as a law clerk I managed a case for our firm, which required my boss to file a case in California.  I was never really challenged in the task because some 23 years ago California had a large form book for everything under the sun to help pro se's and lawyers to file just about any type lawsuit.

Anyway, this form being generated by the Texas Supreme Court will help pro se's file simple divorce petitions.  Because the form is being generated by the Texas Supreme Court, it will be accessible through the local courts.  The forms already exist, but are not accessible through the local courts, because they were generated  by private companies.


My dogs woke me up.  They caught two people in my back yard.  When they heard me opening the door to let the girls out, I could see them jumping over the fence.  Buster and Keaton once again kick ass.

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