Wednesday, November 14, 2012


HE POST WHAT IS BELOW AT 5:58 p.m.  It is currently 6:39 p.m. and no winner has been declared.  The canvassing is not even half way - he just announced precint #17.  Further, the proof he is not even at the meeting is, Presas-Garcia early on had them put into the record the cost of the election.  It was $123,000, not $195,000. 

"By Juan Montoya
The Brownsville Independent School District confirmed at their swearing-in meeting just minutes that Jose Hector Chirinos had been declared the winner in the Place 7 of the board over Linda Gill_Martinez who vowed to ask for a recount.
Gill_Martinez had led by four votes after the November 6 general election 14,709 to 14,705.
The district then moved to swear in winners Catarina Presas-Garcia, Otis Powers and Minerva Peña.
At the meeting, Powers sat proudly with politiqueros allied with the Ernie Hernandez vote-harvesting machine Joey De la Garza and Ralph Elizondo. Both men were documented to have been involved in the massive voting fraud that is alleged to have been perpetrated by that group in the July 31 runoff election which saw Erin Hernandez Garcia elected over Yolanda Begum for JP 2-2.
Until now, Powers had been circumspect in his alliance with the politiqueros who were helping him with the mail-in and walk-in votes.
Some BISD administrators say that the many irregularities that were associated with the recent election may force the district to have the county – which it paid $195,000 to run it – conduct a recount at the county's expense.
All the trustees sworn in will serve full four-year terms."

His earlier post in the evening was a cry me a river - 'why are people calling me wothless shit?"  Hey Juan, read the above post and then ask the question.

Because there is always the possibility of Montoya taking down the post, here it is on docstoc.

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